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Best Vitiligo Treatment in India
Best Vitiligo Treatment in India

Nail Psoriasis


30 Jan 2024

A frequently occurring skin condition that affects the nails, nail psoriasis is frequently associated with skin psoriasis. It shows up as variations in the nails, including thickness, pitting, discoloration, or detachment from the nail's base. These changes can affect the toenails as well as the fingernails, causing pain and cosmetic issues.

Around 50% of the patients with skin psoriasis worldwide also have nail psoriasis, which affects people of all different ages. Although it may appear at any stage of life, between the ages of 20 yrs and 40 yrs is when it is most frequently seen. Besides only causing physical alterations, the illness also affects people's mental health and overall quality of life. The obvious modifications to nails can cause pain, humiliation, and insecurity, which can have a big impact on attitude and social relationships.

In addition, the persistent nature of nail psoriasis presents constant difficulties for people who have it. Due to the condition's chronic nature, which affects everyday activities and calls for regular care, ongoing management is required. Together with psychological difficulty, nail psoriasis takes a toll on people's emotions, which emphasizes the need for supportive care and efficient psoriatic nail disease treatment alternatives. It's important to recognise the traits, age ranges, and frequency of this chronic nail ailment to emphasize the substantial effects it may have on individuals who experience it.

Nail Psoriasis Causes

Immune System Failure: Having an immune system that is overactive, is frequently the cause of nail psoriasis. When normal nail cells are unintentionally attacked by the immune system, swelling and fast cell turnover happen. The distinctive alterations in nails are brought on by this malfunction. Cure for nail psoriasis primarily focuses on modulating immune responses. To properly alleviate nail psoriasis, medicines or treatments that target immunological abnormalities reduce inflammation and decrease the turnover of cells.

Genetic Susceptibility: Nail psoriasis is mostly influenced by genetic causes. Genetic differences may make a person more susceptible to the illness. Though heredity has a role, it does not determine the onset exclusively. Medication specifically designed to target genetic variables influencing immune system reactions and skin cell proliferation is a common treatment, to efficiently manage and alleviate nail psoriasis symptoms.

Environmental Triggers: Psoriasis of the nails can be made worse by environmental variables such as stress, wounds, or infections. Controlling these triggers is a crucial component of therapy plans. Reducing stress, avoiding possible triggers, and changing one's lifestyle all contribute to better managing the illness and minimizing flare-ups.

An understanding of the nail psoriasis guides treatment strategies. The goal of this all-encompassing strategy is to reduce symptoms and enhance the standard of life for those who have nail psoriasis.

Strategies to Prevent Nail Psoriasis

Stressing the importance of these precautions can help control or lessen the occurrence of episodes of nail psoriasis. 

  • To avoid damage and lower the chance of infection, clip and lightly smooth your nails regularly. Maintaining dry and clean nails lessens the effects of nail psoriasis.
  • Using lubricants or moisturizers keeps cuticles and nails moisturized, decreasing roughness and lowering the risk of flare-ups of nail psoriasis.
  • To prevent injury or inflammation to nails, wear gloves when doing chores that require extended contact with water or solvents.
  • Keep your nails safe against wounds and injury. When cutting nails, exercise caution to prevent injury to the nails, because can exacerbate nail psoriasis symptoms.
  • To help manage nail psoriasis, adopt a well-balanced diet high in nutrients. A robust immune system can also help. Reduce stress-related flare-ups by practicing relaxation methods or engaging in other activities.
  • Seeing skin specialists Dr Samyak Dhawan and Dr Shailendra Dhawan regularly can help minimize the effects of nail psoriasis by assisting in the early diagnosis and timely management of any abnormalities in nails.

Through the adoption and integration of these techniques into their regular lives, individuals can enhance their ability to control their nail health and perhaps mitigate the effects of the condition on their lives.

Nail Psoriasis Medicine And Psorcure Oil

Treatment for nail psoriasis frequently entails taking psoriasis medicine that addresses immune system abnormalities and relieves symptoms. These drugs, which can be topical, oral, or sophisticated biologic therapy, are designed to reduce symptoms and stop the progression of nail psoriasis by identifying the condition early.

Specialized psoriasis medicine also concentrates on regulating immune responses and slowing down the rate of skin cell turnover. For those with nail psoriasis, these therapies assist in controlling symptoms well, offering respite and encouraging improved nail health.

Psorcure Oil, demonstrates how nature may effectively treat psoriasis. Its all-herbal makeup and innovative therapeutic method have established it as an essential part of psoriasis management.

Psorcure Oil is a remarkable natural cure for nail psoriasis that uses a special combination of cassia fistula and coconut oil to diagnose and treat the condition early. Together, these potent ingredients effectively regulate the growth of keratinocyte cells, which causes the excessive skin cell turnover associated with psoriasis.

The amazing efficacy of Psorcure Oil extends beyond the treatment of symptoms. The organic elements in this oil not only relieve the signs of psoriasis but also nourish and revitalize the skin. Frequent use promotes better appearance and significantly lessens the inflammation and irritation associated with psoriasis.

Cassia fistula's anti-inflammatory qualities are essential for relieving inflamed skin and the pain and itching that come with nail psoriasis. This dual-action approach isn't merely about addressing psoriasis symptoms; it also promotes overall skin health.

Patients using Psorcure Oil report significant benefits, witnessing relief from nail psoriasis symptoms and experiencing enhanced skin quality. The success rates and positive outcomes achieved with Psorcure Oil underscore its effectiveness in treating nail psoriasis. Its holistic approach, addressing both symptoms and overall skin health, makes it an invaluable addition to managing this chronic nail condition.

Care at Kayakalp Global for Nail Psoriasis Treatment

Nail psoriasis treatment in India is a speciality at Kayakalp Global, where patients receive all-encompassing therapy specifically designed to meet the condition's particular difficulties. Leading Vitiligo specialists Dr. Samyak Dhawan and Dr. Shailendra Dhawan spearhead the provision of excellent treatment for psoriasis in the fingernails and toenails.

The clinic takes pleasure in a few unique qualities that make it stand out:

  • Kayakalp Global places a strong emphasis on providing patients with individualized care programmes that take into account their unique signs, extent, and interests.
  • To improve nail psoriasis treatment results, Kayakalp Global promotes a holistic strategy that incorporates nutritional recommendations, stress management strategies, and lifestyle alterations in addition to medicinal measures.
  • To ensure accuracy and effectiveness in treating nail psoriasis, the clinic uses cutting-edge technology for therapy management and diagnostics.

Regarding the treatment of psoriasis in the fingernails and toenails, Kayakalp Global offers a wide array of choices.

Dr. Samyak and Shailendra Dhawan's proficiency and devotion to offer the best nail psoriasis treatment in India highlight Kayakalp Global's commitment to offering unmatched care for anyone looking for relief from this persistent nail ailment.

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