Best Vitiligo Treatment in India
Best Vitiligo Treatment in India

Psoriasis Testimonials

After exactly 10 days of Psorcure treatment, my skin itches tons less, I'm starting to see my own skin on my breasts and elbows and in the middle of my huge patches!!!!! Even after the first day or two, the bumps on my scalp went down by 80-85%!!!!! There is hope for us yet, just pray and believe!
Dr. D gives a pretty accurate timeline of expected results. I'm nearing my third month of treatment and his timeline has been amazingly accurate. It says that the center of my spots will clear before the outside rim which is exactly what is happening. The center of my HUGE spots is starting to clear. (Scaling decreased at an amazing rate the first couple days I started treatment.) The treatment is a strict regimen but very exciting.
After a month of experience. I got a relief of more than 30 to 40%.. which I have never felt in the past 15years. I don't know about my future treatment. As in progress hopefully, it will not be difficult further After only 2 meetings I can say that so far one of the best human being & the doctor I have ever met. like he feels the pain of the patient. I guess this is the biggest key through people usually connect to him...thnx for the great experience.
Dr. was assuring and realistic. I felt him communicative to a large extent. Looking forward to meeting him again after two months or so.
Follow-up checkup was smooth. Improvement was there w.r.t. Earlier visit. Doctor Recommended sun exposure after application of oil ointment on body parts having large vitiligo patches for faster recovery.
Doctor Dhawan exemplifies the 'treatment with heart' phrase. He gives time and proper attention to patients and above all hope for the cure. Heartfelt thanks to him
Doctor's behavior was friendly and the staff was very supportive. The most important thing any time call to Kayakalp and solve your query on a Phone call
Staff was very supportive and polite. Time mgmt. was very perfect. We got an appointment at 1:30 pm and our turn came exactly on time.