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Best Vitiligo Treatment in India
Best Vitiligo Treatment in India

Dr. Dhawan Interviews


  1. What is Vitiligo?
  2. How Serious This disease is?
  3. Is Vitiligo a Genetic disease?
  4. What Type of Patient Visit Clinic?
  1. Causes of Vitiligo disease
  2. Causes of Leucoderma disease
  3. Causes of Safed Daag
  1. Mode of treatment Vitiligo
  2. Mode of treatment Leucoderma
  3. 25 Year experience, Specialist in India
  1. How Medicines Works
  2. Use of Copper
  3. Excimer laser
  4. Injury Skin Become White
  1. Ayurvedic is Safe
  2. Is it Just a Skin Disease
  3. Other Causes, (Teacher Interview)
  4. Treatment for far Away from any Possible
  1. Result Expected (Teacher) (USA pt)
  1. Can Ayurvedic be used in combination with Allopathic
  2. Can it spread in next generation
  3. Treatment in kids is safe
  4. Role of yoga
  1. How stability can be achieved
  2. 3 months of disease stability
  3. Near marriage option
  1. Letter will disease spread if we switch how Ayurved root out disease
  2. How Ayurveda Treats vitiligo from the root?
  3. Color is formed but get destroyed
  4. The role of anantmool (Leader interview)
  1. Ayurvedic is Safe Vitiligo
  2. How Safe is Medicine Leucoderma
  3. Diet Precautionfor Vitiligo/Leucoderma
  4. Other Treatment Options by Kayakalp