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Best Vitiligo Treatment in India
Best Vitiligo Treatment in India

Symptoms and Causes


Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition that happens when the skin cells develop rapidly. This excess development of skin cells causes it to thicken the skin texture and create scaly patches on the top most of the epidermis. These scaly lesions create flare-ups. Almost 30 % of people with psoriasis also develop a condition called Psoriasis arthritis (PsA).

PsA is also caused by an autoimmune response when your body attacks healthy joints causing inflammation. If left untreated, it can permanently damage joints

1. Skin Redness

PsA means that the skin will become bright red with patches of dry skin surface around the affected area. It is believed that almost 85 percent of people with PsA have the skin problem associated with psoriasis and they gradually fall to arthritic conditions. This is a common pre-existing condition in people who have PsA.


One can get persistent swelling in the fingers or toes that can be uniquely classified into a different type. Psoriatic Arthritis can go to extreme levels if left untreated, therefore, so many people who don’t take corrective measures face permanent deformities to their hands and feet. They have swelling that is very painful indeed.

3. Extremity Pain

Tendons join muscle to bone. In psoriatic arthritis, tendons become inflamed. Most common tendons involved are tendons of the feet and heel. This makes daily walking and activity extremely painful for patients.

4. Back Pain

5. Loss of motion and stiffness

A person having Psoriasis arthritis cannot move his limbs freely as he has to bear extreme pain and discomfort. His body becomes inflexible during the morning time and the stiffness makes it difficult to move joints on one or both sides. Immediate movement responses also cause stiffness while standing up or sitting for a period of time therefore, patients are advised to practice yoga and other physical activity to maintain flexibility.

6. Nail problems

The nails gets some pits or dents. Nail separation from its bed is also seen as having this condition has also been seen in our patients.

7. Fatigue

8. Eye pain

Apart from this, there could be drastic vision changes, dry eyes and also lid swelling. Even glaucoma can be triggered if the condition is not checked by an eye doctor and make the eye permanently unusable. According to research, about 30 percent of people with psoriatic arthritis witness eye inflammation.

9. Anaemia (low red blood count)

At Kayakalp we make sure to perform regular blood tests to see if the person is anaemic.

Psoriatic arthritis is a complication of long-standing Psoriasis and the causes for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis remain the same.