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Risk Free Treatment For Chronic Psoriatic Patients

Psorcure Treatment Plan

(PRWEB) September 8, 2005 – A recently concluded study puts Psorcure Treatment Plan as a better option in psoriasis management. During the study period it managed the flare-ups effectively after clearing the skin from psoriasis and none of the patients under study developed any major side effect symptoms which are generally associated with the use …

Psorcure Treatment Plan for Psoriasis can help patients to avoid the side effects of using conventional treatments such as Steroids, Calcipotriol and Methotrexate and Biologics, a study concludes.

It is well known that there are major side effects associated with conventional treatment methods for psoriasis, yet patients are not properly educated about them.

Objective of the Study

Conventional Treatments for Psoriasis includes Steroids, Calcipotriol and methotrexate. Biologics are recently developed treatments. All the four treatment methods are associated with risks of major side effects.

Hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) and glucosuria (high sugar in the urine), Cushings Syndrome (muscular weakness), High Blood Pressure, Depression, Skin inability to fight infection, Thinning of skin, HPA Axis Suppression are some of the known major risks associated with the long term use or excessive use of tropical steroids.

Dry skin, high blood calcium levels, peeling, rash, red or inflamed skin or hair follicles, skin discoloration, skin wasting, worsening of psoriasis on rebound are the known major risks associated with Calcipotriol.

Methotrexate increases the risk of Liver Disease, Kidney Disease, Diabetes, Asthma, Infection, A stomach Ulcer.

Recently Food and Drug Administration warned doctors about more potential side effects that could be caused by the psoriasis drug Raptiva (Biologic Treatment). The risk includes immune-mediated hemolytic anemia, causing a loss of red blood cells, and serious infections and reduced platelet count, a condition known as thrombocytopenia.

The objective of this study was to see the effectiveness of Psorcure Treatment Plan in managing rebounds and aggravated flare ups and to observe development of major side effects generally associated with conventional treatments for psoriasis.

Study Methodology

30 willing patients were included in this study and were observed for 3 years.

They were monitored during the treatment for effectiveness and after the treatment period for side effects.

Following tests were taken before and after the treatment period to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment.

  1. PASSI Score.
  2. Skin Biopsy

Following tests and examinations were made at regular intervals during the entire period of study to evaluate the safety of the treatment.

Thyroid Profile Test (T3, T4, TSH)
Blood Sugar Test
HDL/LDL ratio
Red Blood Cells and Platelet count
SGOT and SGPT for Liver
Blood Urea and Serum Creatinine for Kidney

Clinical observations were made and recorded during the study period for following

Nausea/Vomiting, Diarrhea, Alopecia, Blood Pressure, Change in weight, Hair Loss, Dizziness, Depression.

Effectiveness of the Treatment

The main treatment period was 3-6 months (average 4 months) and it was followed by maintenance treatment for 3 months.

3 patients left the treatment or did not allow us to take biopsy and other tests after the treatment.

In all 27 patients were tested and examined and their results are taken into our study.

Every patient responded to this treatment.

Following changes in skin were observed through skin biopsy

  1. Marked reduction in parakeratosis
  2. Marked reduction in Acanthosis
  3. Diminished height of rete ridges

Average reduction of 98% in PASSI score was observed.

Rebound or Flare ups

During the entire study period, no patient got any rebound or significant flare up. We recorded 3 years long remission period which indicates the strength of Psorcure Treatment Plan in managing the flare ups and also confirms that this treatment plan does not suppress the immunity level of patients. These results were further confirmed by counting T cells of patients which were found in the normal range during the treatment and even 6 months after the treatment.

It is to be noted here that to get quick results all the conventional treatment methods function with suppressing immunity levels which results in major flare up or rebound as and when patient terminates the conventional treatment method. There is a major difference in the functioning of Psorcure Treatment Plan which restore the immunity levels. The fact that no patient reported any infection during study period is also significant in this regard.

Side Effects

No major side effect was noticed during the study period.

All the results of pathological tests were within normal range through out the study period. The fluctuation range of various tests was +/- 2% during the study period. The following were significant changes observed during the study period.

Patients were energetic and cheerful in general in contrast to depressed conditions observed at the start of this treatment.

Mean serum creatinine at the start of treatment was 1.0 which was reduced to 0.8 at the end of treatment period. The reduction indicates improved functioning of kidney. The result requires further study taking a group of patients with >1.2 mean serum creatinine. If results are confirmed again, this might lead to a treatment for kidney patients.

There was marked improvement in hair loss and hair thinness for scalp psoriasis patients. Many patients reported re growth of hair on bald patches.

Improvements were noticed in HDL/LDL ratio.

Some obese patients saw reduction in their weight.

Psorcure Treatment Plan

The treatment plan developed by Dr. S Dhawan is a combination of

External Applications
Internal Medications
Dietary Management
Specially designed Yoga Exercises.

All the applications and medications are totally herbal and are prepared as per WHO guidelines for herbal Medicines. Accordingly no synthetic or chemically defined active substance like (steroids and methotrexate) have been added in finished products and all the herbal Medicines contain only active ingredients present in plants. All the medicines, its constituents, the formulation, and the herbs used in Psorcure Treatment Plan are approved by Director of Ayurveda and Siddha, Ministry of Health and family Welfare, Government of India.


Psorcure Treatment Plan is faster in clearing the skin from psoriasis and restoration of immunity levels with better management of flare ups and rebounds and no significant side effect are some of the major benefits which one can draw from this treatment plan.


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