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Head Office: Delhi/NCR | Other Branches: Lucknow


✨ Established in 1991, Only treatment plan made by Ayurveda doctors, Dermatologists, and Nutritionists ✨

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🩺Doctor's Tips ✅

❇️ Is Psoriasis just a skin disease?

❇️ Why does Psoriasis increase in winter?

15% of Psoriasis patients get Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA) if they dont get proper treatment on time

Dr. Dhawan


🩺Doctor's Case Study ⬇️

#1 Psoriasis on chest and stomach

Dr. Samyak Dhawan reviews results of 3 month Kayakalp Global treatment plan. (Recommended viewing speed 1.25)


#2 Psoriasis on leg

Dr. Samyak Dhawan talks on body psoriasis cure with 3 month Kayakalp Global treatment


Psoriasis increases in winter. Once disease enters nails and joints, treatment is difficult.         Psoriasis increases in winter. Once disease enters nails and joints, treatment is difficult.         Psoriasis increases in winter. Once disease enters nails and joints, treatment is difficult.

No. 1 Psoriasis oil*

Our Psorcure Oil TM

15 min

Once a day

Follow a daily simple routine.

Start seeing results in 45 days

Hear what patients say 🙌

Psoriasis will not come back after 3 Month Kayakalp Global treatment plan.

No more cuts and bleeding with Psorcure Oil

Why Trust Kayakalp Global? 🧐

30 + years

Estabilished in 1991, Kayakalp Global is India's leading Psoriasis specialist centre

2,00,000 + patients

Yes! we have consulted more than 2 Lac patients online and offline

93 % Success rate

Expect improvement in symptoms from first month

250 + daily consultation

Team of doctors ready to handle all consults through clinic, phone or video call

#1 Psoriasis oil*

Psorcure oil along with 15 minute sun exposure produces better results than over the counter drugs

2 Branches

Head Office: NCR
Branch office: Lucknow

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Meet your doctors

Dr. Shailender Dhawan

30+ years exp. | Pioneer Modern Ayurveda | Psoriasis specialist


Dr. Samyak Dhawan

TEDx Speaker | Founder Indian Vitiligo Association | Pioneer integrative medicine


Dr. Pranit Sharma

Ex-head GIOSTAR USA | Integrative medicine | Psoriasis consultant


Dr. Bhanu Rawat

Psoriasis consultant | Integrative medicine | Patient-centric approach


Testimonials 😃

Psoriasis is an autoimmune, genetic condition. Psoriasis symptoms are itching, redness, scaling and sometimes cuts and bleeding. If disease is not controlled by taking best psoriasis medicine then disease can enter joints and nails. Treatment of psorisis is not challenging anymore. At kayakalp global, your psoriasis doctor will prescribe psoriasis treatment based on your psoriasis causes. Psoriasis medication at kayakalp global contains psoriasis ointment called psorcure ointment along with best psoriasis treatment diet.

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