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Vitiligo Diet for Vitiligo Patient

Vitiligo Diet for Vitiligo Patient

Someone has very well said that it is the patient and not the doctor who controls the recovery from any sickness. Along with the existing treatments, preventive measures taken by the patient is what truly matters. It not only adds on to the successful probability of the treatment, but also decreases the possible side effects.

Amongst preventive measures, choosing the right food is the key for a speedy recovery. Food products that are restricted for vitiligo patients are:

At kayakalp global we have done clinical studies on vitiligo patients to find out what is right for vitiligo cases.

100 cases of vitiligo patients were selected and divided into two groups.

50 patients were given normal ayurvedic treatment and were advised to stop VitaminC and 50 patients were given ayurvedic treatment and also allowed to use vitamin C products.

After 6 month of studies it was found that.

  1. In both group there was normal repigmentation in white patches.
  2. There was new white patches in 3 patients who were advised to stop vitamin C and in 4 cases who were using vitamin c.
  3. increase in itching was observed in both the groups.

These studies indicates that in both groups results of medication are same so need to stop using vitamin C when you are using vitiligo treatment.

In another studies on 100 patients we have found that increased use of black pepper in diet stops spread of disease and also helps in repigmentation.

In previous studies at our clinic we have found that use of red meat ,Haldi and Hydroquinone is not recommended in vitiligo cases.

Moving onto the additions in the diet, we highly recommend the following products should be there in the Vitiligo Diet of Patient:

  1. Green Tea and Fluids: Green tea has 100 times more oxidant power than Vitamin C and is truly effective against vitiligo. Drinking high amounts of liquid flushes out all impurities from the body, and promotes a better lifestyle.
  2. No deficiencies (Intake of essential minerals and vitamins): All nutritional deficiencies should be treated by having fresh fruits and leafy vegetables. Deficiencies of iron, basic vitamins, zinc and copper are common in vitiligo patients. The patient should combat these as soon as possible, improving overall health. Low levels of minerals have been associated to premature greying of hair. Copper is a part of Tyrosinase, a major compound participating in melanin production.
  3. Antioxidants: Antioxidants neutralise the free radicals, produced as side products during biochemical reactions taking place inside the body. Removing free radicals from the system helps build immunity and facilitates repairs. Hence, antioxidants become an important part of a vitiligo patient’s diet. Vitamins A, C, E, carotene and folic acid along with polyphenolic flavonoids are all antioxidants.
  4. Dairy Products: High protein diet is always a boon to the immune system. This combats the auto-immune nature of the disease, making it capable of judging the body’s own tissues vs. foreign particles.
  5. High intake of phytochemicals: Phytochemicals such as beta-carotene are very helpful in the slowdown of vitiligo progression as they boost pigment formation. These can be found commonly in vegetables like carrots, beetroot, spinach, broccoli etc. High doses of beta-carotene leads to yellow pigmentation of the skin, sometimes helpful in camouflaging the white patches.

As an expert and based on my extensive research on vitiligo patients, I strongly recommend the intake of Vitamin C and dairy products. Data from other websites on the internet suggest avoiding the same, but results have shown significant reduction in white patch development in those patients who regularly include these elements in their daily diet. Not only do they promote melanin formation, but also contain essential nutrients in adequate quantities that are necessary for maintaining the body’s overall health. Low amounts of these can lead to other deficiencies, which will further cause unwanted complications.

Good lifestyle habits always have a positive affect against any ailment. Similarly in case of vitiligo, patients are advised to enjoy frequent sunbaths which enrich the skin.Adequate sleep, being stress and tension free, are weapons that enhance mental health and play a major role in fighting vitiligo.

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