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Theory by Lead Researcher

Theory by Lead Researcher

Theory by Lead Researcher Gives New Hope for Permanent Cure of Psoriatic Conditions

(PRWEB) July 25, 2005 -- "Defective Bone Marrow is the critical link for the psoriatic conditions", claims the lead researcher Dr. S Dhawan in his latest article titled, "Chronic Psoriasis – causes and treatment A new hope for permanent cure.

Bone marrow is the production center of T Cells and in Psoriatic conditions these T Cells attack our own skin cells as if they are antigen presenting cells (APC) or alien toxins. This over burden leads to accelerated cell formation. The defective bone marrow changes the behavior of T Cells.

According to Ayurvedic texts, nature has given us a very efficient and powerful system of energy generation in our body. The process of this energy generation system (EGS) starts when we intake food, liquids etc. and it ends at formation of immunity (called Ojja in aurvedic text books).

The entire process has 8 stages as follows:

  1. In the digestion process, food gets converted into Rasa Dhatu.
  2. Rasa Dhatu develops RAKATA (Blood).
  3. Rakta develops MASA (muscles).
  4. Masa develops MEDA (fat).
  5. Meda develops ASTHI (Bones).
  6. Asthi develops MAJJA (Bone marrow).
  7. Majja develops SHUKRA (Semen).
  8. Semen develops the OJJA (Immunity).

Ayurvedic texts has mentioned that it takes 90 days for food to get converted into Shukra (Semen), and another 60 days from Shukra to Ojja (Immunity). Where any of the above stages are not functioning properly (for example leakage in intestine) or food as input is contaminated or contains opposite properties or is not digested properly in the first place, it produces all kind of problems in the body. For example instead of producing Rasa Dhatu during digestion process, the system will produces Ama Rasa (toxins or macro globules). With this every other stage also gets contaminated. For example next stage produces Ama Rakta then Ama Masa, Ama Meda, Ama Asthi, Ama Majja, Ama Shukra and finally Ama Oaj. Improper digestion leads to ama majja (defective bone marrow ). Bone marrow is the production center for T cells. (Can you see the chain and main cause for psoriasis?). The validation study conducted in our clinic also confirms the results of this theory. A total of 968 patients were taken for this validation study. The distribution pattern was wide and dispersed with regard to age, gender and type of psoriatic conditions. All the patients were studied with regard to formation of psoriatic conditions, their food habits, working conditions and family conditions. Following conclusions were drawn from this study.

  1. 80% of patients had problem of indigestion/constipation
  2. In 25% of patients indigestion/constipation was the major trigger for flare-ups
  3. Severe psoriatic conditions were triggered due to stress in 35% of patients.
  4. 18% of patients had the family history of Psoriasis but severity of psoriasis has no relation with family history.

Medical Research on the Intestine/Psoriasis Connection:

It is interesting to note here that scientists have long recognized that toxins leaking from the intestines are involved in psoriasis. The technical term for leaky intestines is called "intestinal permeability." Several researchers have written on this subject in the medical journals. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder and production of Ama Oaj is an indication of immunodeficiency. To cure any psoriatic patient permanently it is important to control all the stages of energy generation system of body so that all the 7 Dhatus from food (rakat,masa,meda,asthi,majja,shukra and oaj ) are produced in their purest form. By curing Ama majja (defective bone marrow) we are treating the patients at immunity levels. By producing pure Ojja, we are making patients immune to psoriasis triggers. "12 years back when I took psoriasis as my subject for research," says Dr. S Dhawan in his article, "I was also caught into the dilemma of following perception which most of the scientific community carries around the world."

Psoriasis is a skin disease which appears in 2-4% of the population. The cause of this chronic skin disease is unknown. Research has proven that psoriasis is an auto-immune disease, and not long ago the psoriasis gene(s) were found. The disease, or the tendency to get it, is inherited. It is possible to have psoriasis without any visible symptoms. This makes research on it quite complicated."

Being the firm believer of Ayurveda and its treatment methods, I took Ayurveda and its text books as the basis of my research work. During the 10 years of my research I delicately correlated the information gathered by the scientific community on symptoms and triggers for various psoriasis ailments and symptoms and causes given in ayurvedic text books. Finally I was able to form a complete chain leading to psoriatic conditions. I developed treatment method based on this theory and treating my patients for the last three years.

Treatment Method

We can divide our treatment method primarily into 3 major segments

Working on Hyperkeratosis (fast cell division) – External Treatment
Working on APC (Antigen Presenting cells ) – Internal Treatment

Working on Major triggers – Stress, Indigestion/constipation.

This treatment method is totally herbal based with no known side effects. Various studies have been conducted which confirmed the strength of medicinal formulations administered under this treatment method. The effectiveness or efficacy of this treatment method is evident from the very fact that there are more than 1500 patients treated with this method during the last 3 years and none has reported reappearance of psoriatic conditions after the completion of treatment period. This success story is growing every day with more patients getting cured permanently.

Dr. S. Dhawan treatment method is exclusively available at is a web based clinic to treat psoriatic patients throughout the world. Your physical location and meeting the doctor is not the prerequisite to get the treatment.

If interested you need to follow following simple procedure:

  1. Get yourself registered at website.
  2. Submit your Detailed profile. Submit as much information as possible to help doctor to diagnose you properly.
  3. Doctor will analyze your profile and ask you more questions through email if required.
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  6. Doctor will prepare the medicines according to your profile and your personal prescription.
  7. You will receive the medicines with prescriptions and other guidelines at your home through courier/mail.
  8. You will keep in touch with Doctor through emails through out the treatment period. You will submit your monthly progress reports or as advised by the Doctor.
  9. Based on your progress reports, Doctor will advise you through email.
  10. The doctor will remain available to you through out your treatment period at no extra charge.

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