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Scalp Psoriasis: What Dermatologists Wish You Knew

Scalp Psoriasis: What Dermatologists Wish You Knew

Scalp psoriasis is driven by constant itching and head scratching so its more of an awkward mannerism.  Most people inherit disbelief about this symptom which the dermatologists wish you knew:

A common disease:  Psoriasis develops mostly on the scalp as half the populace with psoriasis gets scalp psoriasis according to the National Psoriasis Foundation (NPF). It can be mild to severe on the forehead, nape and around your ears.  Certain foods can worsen it.

Itching is always not psoriasis:  Your scalp may itch for a number of reasons and only psoriasis is the cause is not true.  The dermatologist can tell you better what condition it can be.  There are many factors leading to scalp itching, so something else might even be predicted.

Severe itching can mean you have scalp psoriasis:  Itching in body parts can be a common phenomenon but harsh itching on the scalp area and incessant rubbing means you have scalp psoriasis.  The disease can spread to other unknown parts followed by inflammation.  OTC creams and lotions might help but some can burn or sting.  Perhaps, other anti-itch treatment options can include topical steroids and oral antihistamines.

It does aggravate by abnormal temperatures:  The head becomes an easy prey to infection when you have scalp psoriasis.  Plucking or pulling hair can make it to worsen.  Even aggressively combing your hair will likely traumatize the head.  Gentle handling of the hair and smooth hair massage can justify the care.  Even high heat will degrade it.

It can also cause hair fall:  If you fail to treat your scalp psoriasis on time, you may lose plugs of hair from the head even though after adequate treatment of the condition, your hair will grow back again after a month or two.  Hair loss can occur by constant scratching of the head in a worsening condition.

Hair flakes are prevalent:  When the condition occurs, the scalp generates dry dandruff like flaky skin.  While dandruff can have different reasons to form, psoriasis is one reason to cause skin flakes.  To treat flaking, just treat psoriasis and if the dandruff is from that condition, it will wean off.

What measures dermatologist suggest you knew?

There are also simple measures to treat scalp psoriasis that anyone can do.  It is erstwhile to see a skin specialist but some petty practices can really help in treating this condition.

Shampoo your hair:  Scalp psoriasis causes rapid growth of skin cells that deposit on the epidermis of a scalp and cause flaking.  A good shampoo containing tar, zinc, or salicylic acid will slower down the process of excess skin formation and also reduce inflammation, itching, and scaling.  Gentle application of psoriasis Medicated Conditioning will assist by soft rub and scrub because hard scratching makes psoriasis even worse.

A number of experiments tell if you have scalp psoriasis:  There are a number of creams and lotions you need to apply on the scalp.  Because tar and salicylic acid reduce the symptom, a smooth massage of an OTC will at night and a shower cap to sleep is all.  If topicals aren’t worth it, you can also try Dovonex, Taclonex or Tazorac that slows skin cell growth.  Other creams like Anthralin also give similar results but if topicals don’t do the trick, UVB laser therapy can be beneficial or maybe a low dose intralesional injection to the affected area is optional.  However,

biologic drugs including Enbrel and Cosentyx also showed impressive results in terms to minimizing itch, bleeding, and sleep disturbances related to symptoms.

Timely checkup of your health and proper dermatological intervention is all what it takes to get rid of psoriasis from your scalp.

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