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Role of telemedicine during Corona virus

Role of telemedicine during Corona virus

For a lot of us, Coronavirus changed the way we looked at the world. Many of us lost our jobs and others faced a salary cut. A few of us who were lucky had the option of working from the comfort of our home. As life begins to see a glimpse of normalcy and we are resuming our daily lives, it is important to understand the implications the virus may have.

It is important to understand that even though governments around the world have removed lockdowns, the virus is still prevalent. Keep in mind the same precautions you were taking during lockdown now that you move forward with this new normal.

At Kayakalp Global, we put our patients first. Technology has changed healthcare for the better and we believe in harnessing the power of telemedicine to better serve our patients. At India's first and best vitiligo hospital, you can now book an online video consultation with Dr. Dhawan. In his words, "I did not want patients to sit and wait in the lobby area. We are taking extreme precautions during this pandemic and online video consultation is another step forward for them". When asked what other precautions are being followed at Kayakalp he says, "All of our employees understand the gravity of the situation and wear a mask with a face shield at all times. I am only seeing patients over the weekend in a very limited capacity on an appointment basis only. Every evening, we spray hypochlorite on every surface in preparation for the next day"

We believe this is a great initiative forward by Kayakalp which arguably provides best vitiligo treatment in Delhi NCR. Dr. Dhawan and his dedicated team of modern medicine practitioners take every precaution and put patients first. Telemedicine has allowed them to reach their patients not just in India but also internationally. "Our patients in America and other countries were already used to telemedicine but now we are doing it for our Indian patients as well."

Kayakalp Global is India's first integrated dermatology clinic with over 25 years of experience in treating vitiligo and psoriasis. With 26000 happy vitiligo patients, we are the fastest growing vitiligo hospital in the country. For more information on online consultation please visit our website here

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