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Ayurveda Can Help You to Get Out Of Vitiligo

Ayurveda Can Help You to Get Out Of Vitiligo

Most people feel vitiligo is a skin disease and it has no complete treatment so far.  Since the underlying causes of vitiligo is still unknown to mankind, it happens by an autoimmune condition in the body when color pigment creating cells called melanins are identified as introducers and attacked in the process.  Once melanin is damaged, depigmentation occurs producing many unwanted patches of white skin on the surface which make the person very uncomfortable.  Vitiligo is an unwanted condition as one of the factors of white patches.  Other characteristics similar to vitiligo can be tinea versicolor, litchen sclerosis, pityriasis alba etc.

Vitiligo has been a study of contention but rather many therapists afford some term measures to counter this aftereffect.  These include the traditional methods of treatment which are most commonly medicine and drug therapy.  External applications are also included in the regimen if oral supplements don’t help.  Applications like miniature punch grafting cover white spots and narrowband UVB light therapy boosts repigmentation.  Topicals like oral corticosteroid creams have their own benefit but they are prone to skin thinning.  Tattooing can create scars while Oxsoralen cream can get you sunburn, Psoralen photochemotherapy can also give painful aftereffects.  Its observed that allopathic treatment tries to suppress the disease rather than annihilate it.

Ayurveda is a long practiced treatment since ancient times and the best part is that there is no side effect in its therapy.  Although it takes a bit of time to treat the symptom, this regimen is safer than its counterparts.  Herbs as we know are totally natural and they have been giving exceptional benefits to us since time immemorial and Ayurveda is a complete study of herbal science that predates any treatment methodology so far.  Now its even shared with latest scientific research and analysis because it gives astounding results in cases allopathic medicine has provided relapse of disease. 

Ayurvedic treatment:  Since Ayurveda believes in body detoxification since the toxins are key intruders which occur as a residue of toxic making agents triggered by unhealthy food consumption and improper habits.  Ayurveda inhibits having only healthy foods and opposing eatables which contradict the body functioning categorizing them as “virudh aahar sevan”, that is, eating foods that trigger toxins in the body like eating pickle with curd or fish with milk, etc.  Since vitiligo does happen from other conditions like thyroid, diabetes, psoriasis, Ayurveda counters the white spots or Shwitra which arise from Pitta in the body. Pitta is an important digestive process which eases digestion by heat.

Coming to the Bhrajak Pitta, the class identifier causes skin disbalance called “ama” when disturbed.  It impairs deeper body tissues ultimately causing depigmentation to the skin.  Controlling this syndrome comes from right diet and prper herbal medication as they help body release ama from it and calm down the Pitta.

Ayurvedic concoctions work as a very good form of body cleansers and they wash off the intestinal track of mucus so that food goes easily to the stomach and is absorbed without toxicity but the protein is absorbed by the blood.

A disciplined approach is what Ayurveda believes in.  External and internal medications do help but the longterm regimen relating to regular exercising, strict diet control and a healthy lifestyle free of alcohol, smoking and junk food is the call of the hour.  To get rid of vitiligo, vitamin rich foods and those containing folic acids and copper are also of great value.  Yoga rejuvenates blood flow in the body Ayurveda boosts up Vata to purify the blood and extracts of Cassia Fistula, PsorliaCordifolia and Piper Longum enhance skin pigmentation. 

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