Treatment of Vitiligo


Why Kayakalp Global?

At Kayakalp we have perfected the art of re-pigmentation. Right combination of strength of external applications and right amount of UV exposure is key to success. Since people have less time for sun exposure, we have developed medicines which can produce perfect re-pigmentation with minimum sun exposure


1. After making a careful diagnosis, the treatment approach depends on the stability of the disease.

2. In cases where the patches are stable, Colour forming herbal medicines are given for internal as well as external application.

3. If the disease is unstable or spreading, medicines will be modified to stop the spread and start colour formation at the same time.

4. If a patient is on steroids, we taper off steroids gradually to avoid disease flare up when a patient shifts from Allopathy to Ayurveda.

5. Long term steroidal use can cause thinning of skin so proper herbal applications which trigger color production without any side effect are prescribed.

6. We will guide you to the time frame of recovery from the start of the treatment. If the disease has already appeared on the hands and feet there is a high chance of spreading to private parts and lips. Once white patches appear on lips, face and private parts, timely action is required.

7. For paediatric patients (children) we have formulated medicines in syrup form for easy consumption.

8. Herbal medicines have been tested for heavy metals and safety is well established. No side effects over the course of 20+ years

9. We have a dedicated team of plastic surgeons to look after harder to treat patches on finger tips, ankles and lips

10. Patients are guided proper diet plans to get fast results

a. In some patients Vitiligo can get triggered due to deficiency of copper in body, if the treatment you are getting doesn’t provide necessary enrichment, you cannot achieve desired results.

b. Deficiency of folic acid and Vitamin B12 can also trigger vitiligo and proper doses of these vitamins speed up healing

c. Certain food combinations which produce toxins in blood and Vitiligo, At Kayakalp Global patients are guided proper diet plans to get fast results

11. Yoga guidelines are prescribed which help body to clear free radicals from body and thus purify the blood and speed up recovery.

12. At KAYAKALP GLOBAL, we have developed a maintenance treatment plan so that after full recovery disease does not recur.

Stop hiding and face the world with confidence
  • Our strength is a dedicated team and intense research, better Doctor-Patient understanding and relationship.
  • Integration of modern and holistic approaches with dedicated and individual care to all our patients.
  • Vitiligo is not just a cosmetic disorder. The disease has a great psychological toll on the mind. Often considered a taboo in some cultures, vitiligo can attach a great deal of social stigma to it.
  • Every patient at KAYAKALP GLOBAL which shows trust in us is our personal responsibility and we are committed to providing the best, latest and safest treatment in the world.
  • At Kayakalp, we understand the patient’s common apprehensions and appearance related issues, so our constant research and innovation thrives for a better lifestyle and so being one of the best Psoriasis & Vitiligo specialist clinic is definitely about greater patient satisfaction and treatment success.


    Bakuchi or Babchi is a plant mentioned in Ayurvedic text books and its uses in vitiligo treatment have been mentioned since 4000 years. This plant is a native of India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka and its seeds are black and mainly used for treatment.

    This is being used as home remedy where seeds are soaked in water overnight and water is consumed in morning and some patients are also applying paste made of these seeds. This has been a practice since centuries. patients are advised to sit in sun for some time after using Babchi seeds.

    In most of the cases white spots turn pink on sun exposure after consuming babchi. Cases where there are black hair over the white spots, re-pigmentation occurs and patient is happy and continues to use babchi for long durations without consulting a doctor.

    At Kayakalp, we have done clinical studies and found that many patients develop cataract after prolong use of babchi .

    When we consume babchi our skin become more sensitive to ultraviolet light from sun. Our skin absorbs more light and this helps in recovery of white patches but problem is that our eyes also start absorbing more light and this is very dangerous and long term use can causes cataract.

    So psorlia corylifolia or Babchi seeds should be used under guidance of a expert doctor and should not be used as home remedy. Doses of extract of psorlia is fixed in mg /day depending upon the weight of patient.

    If u are taking any treatment allopathic , ayurvedic or homeopathic u should check the content of that medicine. If it contain psorlia corlyfolia it should not be used for more than three months,.

    Best ayurvedic treatment for vitiligo is available at Kayakalp global skin clinic and you can consult herbal vitiligo specialist at clinic.

    External use of babchi seeds is not harmful except in some patients where skin can become very red and itchy and in some cases it can develop blisters. We have observed that treatment should be done under guidance of best vitiligo doctor and results will be fast.

    Sometimes self-medication can give some results but perfect matching re pigmentation can be achieved under proper supervisor of a doctor only. At Kayakalp global we have developed external applications with Psorlia, aloe, Black pepper and other herbs which act twice as quick as compared to using babchi alone.

    CAUTION! USE OF BABCHI CAN DEVELOP VISION LOSS Other reported side effects of Psorlens are Liver toxicity, skin cancer and other gastric problems so it is advised to be safe than sorry.


    Vitiligo is a devastating disorder causing huge mental stress in patients especially newly diagnosed patients.

    Problem starts when patient visit his doctor and doctor is also not very confident of treating this disease and explains that there are limited options available for treatment. Allopathic have Steroids, Melanocyl, Tacrolimus, PUVA and other Immune suppressants which are prescribed by doctors.

    Ayurvedic doctors are mostly dependent on Babchi or Psorlia Corilyfolia based products. Problem arises when allopathic doctor has got limitation in drugs and also with the safety of long term use of drugs and Ayurvedic doctor is not so expert in treating vitiligo because he has very limited number of patients treated under his belt.

    Kayakalp global skin clinic is a unique vitiligo treatment center in India where both Allopathic and Ayurvedic doctors sit together and decide which treatment is good for patient and at what stage.

    With years of working on vitiligo cases and after treating more than 20 thousand cases we have observed that If white patches are appearing on hairy areas of skin and speed of spread is not very fast then it is not a alarming situation and only Kayakalp ayurvedic approach will help the patients in solving vitiligo problem.

    In patients if vitiligo is appearing fast and appearing on finger tips or lips he or she should use Kayakalp ayurvedic treatment along with specially designed allopathic treatment together for some time. This is because if white patches will appear on finger tips or lips then these patches are incurable with medicine and will be there for life long.

    Allopathic drugs can control the disease for short duration till the time ayurvedic drugs start working .In most cases it takes 3-5 months we can tapper off allopathic and shift patient to pure Ayurvedic.

    Self-medication should never be practiced in vitiligo because it can give few black spots on vitiligo patch but cannot give complete recovery and also skin formed will be darker than surrounding skin.

    Kayakalp global has expertise in giving you a uniform color and to stop the spread of disease