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Vitiligo Treatment Plan

White Patches/Spots Treatment in Delhi NCR India


Vitiligo is a chronic skin condition characterized by portions of the skin losing their pigment. Research suggests vitiligo may arise from autoimmune, genetic, oxidative stress, or neural causes.

Allopathy, Homeopathy, Ayurveda or combinations of same are used to treat vitiligo.

There is always a doubt in patients mind regarding choosing right treatment approach for vitiligo.

Allopathic gives quick results but is not considered very safe for long term use and also it is not capable of rooting out the disease. Homeopathy is considered safe but slow and rarely gives results if disease is spreading. There is also an observation that Homeopathy initially enhances the disease and only after some time recovery starts. When the disease spreads with initial homeopathy treatment, the patients are scared to see many new white patches emerge.

Similarly Ayurveda is considered slow in action and is presumed that it is in form of churans and karha or bitter pills. It is also very difficult to find a good vaidya who has expertise in treating vitiligo.

Through our avid research for 15 years, we at KayaKalp Global have developed a core understanding on Vitiligo and can use this expertise to guide the patients to know their condition closely and follow the right approach to control and alleviate the situation.

There is no readymade solution but a systematic and combinational approach can surely deliver.

There are many points which one should consider before starting a treatment plan or shifting to a new treatment approach.

  • If you are using allopathic treatment since long and disease is stable you can subsequently shift to Ayurveda as it is a safer option.
  • If you are planning to start homeopathy be sure and track with your doctor that your disease will not start spreading after starting homeopathic treatment.
  • If disease is spreading during use of homeopathy, wait for not more than three months and if disease is still spreading shift to integrated treatment plan by kayakalp or shift to a good allopathic doctor.
  • If you are using Ayurvedic treatment or Homeopathic treatment and not getting 25% recovery in 3 month time on hairy areas u should shift to kayakalp plan which will get you better results.
  • If you are using allopathic treatment and disease is still spreading you should not shift to pure ayurveda or homeopathy as that would not be useful. (For such cases, at Kayakalp Global we have developed Vitiligo Treatment Plan which is combination of Ayurveda and allopathic medicine in required dosage and potency. Gradually then the allopathic medicine are tapered off when disease stops spreading in three months.
  • If you are using steroids and want to shift to Ayurveda or Homeopathy and your doctor says stop all allopathic drugs and start Ayurvedic or Homeopathic, never do this. Sudden shift from allopathic to alternate treatment is never recommended as it will trigger the disease again.



Bakuchi or Babchi is a plant mentioned in Ayurvedic text books and its uses in vitiligo treatment have been mentioned 4000 years ago. This plant is a native of India, Bangladesh and Shri Lanka and its uses have been mentioned in treating vitiligo or leucoderma. Seeds are black and are mainly used for treatment .

This is being used as home remedy and seeds are soaked in water overnight and water is consumed in morning and some patients are also applying paste made of these seeds. This have been practice since centuries. patients are advised to sit in sun for some time after using Babchi seeds.

In most of cases vitiligo patch turns pink after sun exposure after u have used babchi .In most of cases if hair on white patch are black there starts re pigmentation and patient is happy and he continue to use batch seeds for long durations without consulting a doctor.

kayakalp global skin clinic is specialize clinic for treating vitiligo. More than 20 thousand patients suffering from vitiligo has been treated since last 15 years .Babchi or psorlia corylifoliaI contain psorlens in their seeds.
In modern days psorlen found in babchi seeds can be prepared in laboratory. This compound is called Methoxsalen and is found in melanocyl tablets which are used for treating vitiligo.

At kayakalp global skin clinic we have done clinical studies on patients

  • who are using babchi seeds (psorlens)and
  • patient who had used melanocyl tablets (methoxsalen) for longer durations

We have found that many patients develop cataract after prolong use of babchi .

when we consume babchi our skin become more sensitive to ultraviolet light from sun. Our skin absorbs more light and this helps in recovery of white patches but problem is that our eyes also start absorbing more light and this is very dangerous and long term use can causes cataract.

So psorlia corylifolia or Bavchi seeds should be used under guidance of a expert doctor and should not be used as home remedy. Doses of extract of psorlia is fixed in mg /day depending upon the weight of patient.

If u are taking any treatment allopathic , ayurvedic or homeopathic u should check the content of that medicine. If it contain psorlia corlyfolia it should not be used for more than three months,.

Best ayurvedic treatment for vitiligo is available at kayakp global skin clinic and you can consult herbal vitiligo specialist at clinic.

External use of batchi seeds is not harmful except in some patients where skin can become very red and itchy and in some cases it can develop blisters. We have observed that treatment should be done under guidance of best vitiligo doctor and results will be fast.

Some times self medication can give some results but perfect matching re pigmentation can be achieved under proper supervisor of a doctor only. At kayakalp global we have developed external applications with psorlia,aloe,Blackpepper and other herbs which act twice as quick as compared to using babchi alone.

Other reported side effects of psorlens are Liver toxicity, skin cancer and other gastric problems so it is advised to be safe than sorry.


Vitiligo is a devastating disorder causing huge mental stress in patients especially newly diagnosed patients.

Problem starts when patient visit his doctor and doctor is also not very confident of treating this disease and explains that there are limited options available for treatment. Allopathic have Steroids, Melanocyl , Tacrolimus, PUVA and other Immune suppressants which are prescribed by doctors.

Ayurvedic doctors are mostly dependent on Babchi or psorlia corilyfolia based products. Problem arises when allopathic doctor has got limitation in drugs and also with the safety of long term use of drugs and Ayurvedic doctor is not so expert in treating vitiligo because he has very limited number of patients treated under his belt.

Kayakalap global skin clinic is a unique vitiligo treatment center in India where both Allopathic and Ayurvedic doctors sit together and decide which treatment is good for patient and at what stage.

With years of working on vitiligo cases and after treating more than 20 thousand cases we have observed that If white patches are appearing on hairy areas of skin and speed of spread is not very fast then it is not a alarming situation and only kayakalp ayurvedic approach will help the patients in solving vitiligo problem.

In patients if vitiligo is appearing fast and appearing on finger tips or lips he or she should use kayakalp ayurvedic treatment along with specially designed allopathic treatment together for some time. This is because if white patches will appear on finger tips or lips then these patches are incurable with medicine and will be there for life long.

Allopathic drugs can control the disease for short duration till the time ayurvedic drugs start working .In most cases it takes 3-5 months we can tapper off allopathic and shift patient to pure Ayurvedic.

Self medication should never be practiced in vitiligo because it can give few black spots on vitiligo patch but can not give complete recovery and also skin formed will be darker than surrounding skin.

Kayakalap global has expertise in giving you a uniform color and to stop the spread of disease

To have the right information regarding vitiligo treatment and possible approaches, you can visit our video section that covers your FAQs answered by Dr.Shailender Dhawan.

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