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Type of Vitiligo

Ayurvedic Treatment for Segmental Vitiligo or Unilateral Vitiligo

Segmental Vitiligo

Vitiligo can be classified in two categories .


Stable white patches are those patches which are stable for more than one year even without any medicines .Those patches are called stable vitiligo.

Second type is unstable vitiligo when new patches are appearing every month with treatment or without treatment.

This is important because treatment of this disease is designed taking in account these two factors.

Depending upon the location of white patches vitiligo can be classified into two categories.

Segmental vitiligo and bilateral vitiligo.

1.Segmental vitiligo: Segmental vitiligo is vitiligo which appear on one side of body ,they may appear on left side or right side but will not cross the center line of body. They appear suddenly and the process may last for 6 months to 30 segmental vitiligo there is possibility of greying of hair on vitiligo site if not treated in early stages.

2.Bilateral vitiligo; Bilateral vitiligo are those when vitiligo appear symmetrically on left and right side of body. There can be mild itching on skin before the white patch appears. It may start from finger tips and some patients it starts from skin folds like elbow and knees.

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