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Time Duration for Recovery

Time Duration for Recovery

What is Psoriasis?

Time duration for recovery depends upon severity of disease and type of psoriasis.

Treatment plan is designed taking in account what medicines patient is taking at present. If the patient is using external steroidal applications on psoriasis since long time it is not a good idea to suddenly stop it as it may lead to flare up of psoriasis.

At kayakalp we start ayurvedic treatment with combination of external application which patient is using for few weeks. After few weeks we will tapper of allopathic medicines and put patient on pure Ayurveda depending upon the recovery.

Some severe patients are using methotrexate or Tab folitrax once a week to control psoriasis. In such patients again we tapper of this drug and add ayurvedic medicines.

Palmo planter psoriasis:psoriasis of hands and feet get very quick recovery with this ayurvedic approach. External oil application is advised and after oil application 20 minutes sun exposure is advised in morning. Herbal application in cream form is given for night application .In severe cases it is advised to bandage feet with a polythene sheet so that moisture is retained and medicine get penetrated in skin.
Patient get very good recovery in first 45 days of treatment. In most of cases complete recovery can be achieved in 9 -12 month of time and the maintenance treatment is given for a longer period of time.
Good thing is that we have hundreds of patients who have got complete remission and are living psoriasis free life in last 15 years.

Plaque Psoriasis:Patients with silvery scales on knee and elbow also get quick recovery with this treatment. Most of patients are happy with this approach in 45 days of treatment. Patients who have got time for 20 minute sun exposure gets more long lasting recovery. Full body oil application is required the good thing is that the oil is made with virgin coconut and is non sticky and is food grade. In some very severe cases when plaque is red and patches are red some patients may need to integrate with allopathic drugs for some time to control the flare ups.

Scalp psoriasis:Scalp psoriasis patients are having severe scales in hair .This got flare up during winters. At kayakalp we have developed a treatment plan where we advise a herbal oil to be used for over night application and to be washed in morning before going to work. we advise same oil to be applied in morning on Sundays and sit in sun for 20 minutes. To start with in severe cases doctors may advise to use non greasy allopathic drops for morning application for few weeks .Most of patients get very good recovery in 45 days of treatment. Treatment should go for 12 to 16 months.

Erythrodermic Psoriasis: The psoriasis which is very red and itchy and is spread in whole of body is called erythrodermic psoriasis or red psoriasis. Such cases need to start the treatment with integrative approach of Ayurveda and allopathic medicines .After severe symptoms are gone patients can be shifter to Ayurvedic approach. Severe cases get recovery in 30 days but need long term management.

Psoriasis Arthritis :Psoriatic arthritis is a condition when psoriasis is not treated properly in early stages .If not treated properly after effecting skin it starts effecting nails and there is pitting of nails. Then after few years it starts entering in small joints specially small joints of hands and there is morning stiffness and pain. kayakalp has developer special treatment using Boswellia and curcumin. Joint involvement is third stage of psoriasis is a difficult to treat. If proper action is not taken there may be permanent deformation of joints.
What we have learned with years of working on psoriasis patients is that liver toxic allopathic drugs should be tapered of and patient should be put on ayurvedic medicines. Herbal tablets and capsules are advised in morning and night doses for daily use.
As some patients do not have time for sun exposure or are having irregular life style in such patients we can use some safer allopathic options for few months when there is a flare up of psoriasis. kayakalp Global is only clinic in India where a team of both Ayurvedic doctors and Allopathic doctors sit under one roof and design treatment taking in account severity and requirement of patient.

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