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Symptoms of Psoriasis arthritis

Symptoms of Psoriasis Arthritis

Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition that happens when the skin cells develop rapidly. This excess development of skin cells causes it to thicken the skin texture and create scaly patches on the top most of the epidermis. These scaly lesions create flare-ups. Almost above 30 percent of people with psoriasis also develop a condition called Psoriasis arthritis (PsA).

PsA is also caused by an autoimmune response when your body attacks healthy joints causing inflammation. If left untreated, PsA can permanently damage joints. A person can always be wary about this disease condition and look for these symptoms of Psoriasis arthritis beforehand for proper cure:

Skin Redness

PsA means that the skin will become bright red with patches of dry skin surface around the affected area. It is believed that almost 85 percent of people with PsAhave the skin problem associated with psoriasis and they gradually fall to arthritic conditions. This is a common preexisting condition in people who have PsA. Also, study reveals the as many as 30 percent of people with psoriasis are likely to develop Psoriasis arthritis.


Both psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis have a tendency to give swelling of the joints. One can get persistent swelling in the fingers or toes that can be uniquely classified into a different type. PsA can go to extreme levels if left untreated, therefore, so many people who don’t take corrective measures face permanent deformities to their hands and feet. They have swelling that is very painful indeed.

Extremity Pain

It is common to have joint pain in both rheumatoid arthritis and PsA but the pain in PsA is more pronounced and it extends to different body parts. The tendons are likely to have acute flareup of the pain. Even tendon pain is quite common with PsA which goes to the bones as well creating feet pain and swelling often known as plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis. These two conditions cause immense suffering to the plantar joints and muscular areas at points where the heel connects the toes. This causes immense discomfort at the bottom of the feet. Achilles tendinitis also exacerbates tendon agony where it connects the lower calf muscles to your heel bone arousing the heel pain.

Back Pain

PsA can be the primary cause of spondylitis where the spine gets inflamed in the facets. Spondylitis leads to joint inflammation between your pelvis and spine and also between the spine’s vertebrae making it inherit pain throughout the back with body movement, sitting, standing or walking. Psoriasis spondylitis occurs in over 20 percent of people who have Psoriasis arthritis.

Loss of motion and stiffness

A person having Psoriasis arthritis cannot move his limbs freely as he has to bear extreme pain and discomfort. His body becomes inflexible during the morning time and the stiffness makes it difficult to move joints unilaterally or in bilateral body sides. Immediate movement responses also cause stiffness while standing up or sitting for a period of time but constant mobility can reduce the pain to its minimum levels.

Nail problems

People who have PsAcan apparently also get nail stiffness and color changes. The nail plate gets some pits or dents. Formation of deep depression or diffuse lines along the nail plate also suggest the same. Nail separation from its bed is also seen as having this condition.

If your nails exhibit color fading or yellowish shades on the hands or feet, then its possible that could be a sign of Psoriasis arthritis. If not taken care of, the nails can crumble and separate. However, fungal infections are also to be checked to verify for PsA.


In PsA underlying conditions, having this disease will induce the body to make certain proteins called cytokines that cause inflammation. These proteins swell up the joints and make them painfully stiff. These proteins also induce fatigue. But as the autoimmune response behaves, it attacks the joints and causes aggravating painful commotions. Therefore, it will make it harder to conduct activities of daily living or staying healthy paving way to obesity and mood changes.

Eye pain

Other symptomatology of PsA is eye swelling and discomfort. Apart from this, there could be drastic vision changes, dry eyes and also lid swelling. Even glaucoma can be triggered if the condition is not adhered to by an ophthalmologist and make the eye permanently unusable.According to research, about 30 percent of people with PsA witness eye inflammation.


People with Psoriasis arthritis often have anemia. In anemia, the count of red blood cellsfalls below the normal level. Anemia may also be caused by excessive loss of red blood cells due to bleeding or destruction of red blood cells. Symptoms of fatigue, paleness, headache or shortness of breath can also cause anemia and a blood test is necessary to see if the person is anemic.

Symptoms described above are the indication that PsA is apparent. A medical examination will clarify if you have signs of Psoriasis arthritis like a high inflammation count or anemia. Ergo, timely diagnosis will help alleviate the symptoms of PsA.

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