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In this segment I want to discuss with you some of basic questions which patients ask me when they visit my clinic.

About PUVA Treatment

Some patients want to know what is PUVA ,Is it a better treatment ,How safe it is and should they start this treatment.

I want to inform that PUVA is a treatment where a psorlin tablet is given two hour before the treatment and patient are advised to sit in a chamber with tube lights on its walls. These tubes emit ultra violet A light which in combination with Psorlins (Which patient has taken 2 hour before) produce pigment in skin.

Patient need to go to doctor chamber twice a week to get this treatment.

With years of work on vitiligo patients we have observed that if patient takes kayakalp treatment and exposes skin to sun three times a week, this is equally effected treatment and in some cases a better treatment than PUVA.

PUVA has some risk of skin cancer if used for long duration.

It also make over all skin tone of patient darker i.e health skin become more dark.

In patients who are having patches on areas where they can not expose skin to sun we advise hand held PUVA lamp to be used for short duration.

This lamp costs app INR.Rs.5500/- and can be used with kayakalp treatment at home with very good results. There is no need to go to doctor chamber twice a week .

NB UVB Treatment ,This treatment is also given at doctor chamber and patient is advised to sit in a cabin with UVB narrow band light tubes in it. Patient need to visit doctor cabin twice a week. Results are good but safety for long term like skin cancer is a cause of concern.

At kayakalp we can give faster recovery as compared to PUVA and NB UVB treatment and also within safety limits.


Excimer laser is also a option where laser light is put on vitiligo patches.One should understand here is that laser can only give recovery on white patches which has got black hairs on it.Vitiligo patches with white hair and or patches on finger tips do not get any recovery with this treatment.This is also a costly treatment and patient need to visit doctor clinic on regular basic.

Clinical studies at kayakalp has shown that speed of recovery with kayakalp treatment is at par with Excimer laser treatment and is also cost effective.

TATTOO/ Micro pigmentation

Many patients has got stigma about white patches and want to conceal white patches. Some patient ask me about making a Tattoo on white patches.

I want to inform you that this is a bad idea to make tattoo over a vitiligo patch. There are many clinics and you tube videos which show that you can put a skin matching color in vitiligo patch.

These videos does not show what happen after 6 months or one year of micro pigmentation.

I will like to share some of the pics of patient who had done micro pigmentation few months back with skin matching color but after few months this color get oxidized and become blue or different shade.

I have never come across a patient who is happy after one year of this treatment and worse part is that this treatment is irreversible and can not be undone if you do not like after few months.


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