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How Ayurvedic Helps

How Ayurvedic Helps

What is Psoriasis?
  1. Blood impurities are filtered through Herbal Medicines in tablet form curing DooshiVisha.
  2. Immunodeficiency is countered by herbal preparations and get good blood count and bone marrow.
  3. Application of Herbal oil soothes the nervous system.
  4. Skin cells are cleansed by stress relieving herbs and pastes to detoxify the body and flush out toxins from the brain.
  5. Herbal extracts of Cassia Fistula and Anantamula work wonders against itching and skin rashes.
  6. One can relieve stress and fight depression if he does yoga for 20 minutes daily. Regular morning yoga is good for fighting psoriasis.
  7. Allopathic drugs causes undesired effects and they can be long lasting but Ayurveda is a complete body care program.
  8. It will stay for long and give the desired results.

As we study, Psoriasis is the process of flushing out poisons through the skin which are secreted in our body. Cleansing and calming the body is a desired process that one should adapt to because a few effects like general debility and early aging are also a sign of these factors.

Ayurveda means total body overhauling by simple yet effective historic measures that have been inherited over the years with effective results. Psoriasis is thought of as a disease but psoriasis treatment in Ayurvedic terminology means that psoriasis is just a consequence of some toxic agents finding their way out of the body through the skin. But we can get these toxins completely thrown out of our physique if we accept Ayurveda in its full conformity and regulation.

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