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Genital Psoriasis Treatment

Genital Psoriasis Treatment

Genital Psoriasis – Treatment

Psoriasis as we know is a skin condition which promotes rough and dry skin with the patchy areas becoming dry and scaly. But this skin deterioration can’t be different in areas such as groin or genitals. As far as the condition is concerned, its really hard to tell the difference between genital psoriasis and contact dermatitis or other infection. How persistent it could be, because you have a genital rash, it could be due to other reasons beyond psoriasis also. Check for bacterial or fungal infections before arriving at any point. So its advised to have a combination of treatments.

Go for a consultation with a dermatologist if you develop a rash around your genitals. Treating these patchy areas really helps to get rid of this disease. As far as the remedy is concerned, taking a few steps can ease the symptoms and make it fade away with time.

Social Factors

Honesty is the best policy. Being frank without hiding your disease will not only help you deal with this type of symptom, but an honest patient can successfully communicate his problem to the doctor as well. Although its embarrassing that the healthcare provider checks the disease to see the parts of patient, it will get the physician proper score and results of patient’s recovery and area of infection so he can put into more treatment if possible. Trust is a social obligation and a motivating factor for others because it encourages you to inculcate responsibility, duty and courage within self because you deserve to uphold the ethos.

Being frank really makes things clear and confusion wade away from the mind because if you speak your will, its likely the course of treatment can be adjusted according to your comfort level. Putting an anoscope in the anal area if you don’t speak up will not be a comfortable thing and then you have to bear this situation. So speak up with confidence, loud and clear.

It is best that the doctor understands your treatment options well in advance because different people have different skin types and the one you have might not be suitable for same treatment the other guy had. So many topicals used for other parts of the body are not an option. A low dose steroid can be effective but in limited use only.

It’s a hit and try method which the physician is going to apply if he finds you happy with the ongoing treatment methods.

Physical Factors

Psoriasis infection can spread to any part of the body, whether unilaterally or bilaterally. A severe case of genital psoriasis can also affect other nearby extremities or spread along the lines of the axilla or the knees or the hands. Just being clear everywhere except in a limited area cannot make you resistant to this disease. So its severity increases even if you are a minor psoriatic case also. External factors that can provide promote some physical benefits do seem to strike the condition and affect its efficacy. To get visible advantages, try these treatments.

Topical medications: Low-strength corticosteroid lotions can be used in the genital area although not in excess because it can lead to skin thinning and other atypical conditions. Longer term use of topical corticosteroids can also damage the skin and cause stretch marks wherever it is applied.

Over-the-counter moisturizers are also helpful because the skin is dry and these creams maintain moisture level that is required to eliminate scaring and dryness. It also helps to loosen down skin roughness and create a smooth texture. It is always advisable to avoid after shave lotion or performs that make skin dry or cause irritation. Creams rich in vitamin D can be used.

UV light: Genital psoriasis has some effective cures available today. One of them is ultraviolet light therapy which can wean off this infection under special circumstances. However, the intensity of UV therapy is generally lower in the genital area due to the skin in that part being fragile and thin and that excess exposure of this light can burn the genital skin.

Skin protecting lotions commonly called emollient. A layer of an emollient will cover the skin with an encapsulated shield and protect it from outside weather conditions and also keep moisture intact.

There are some inhibitors that can also treat genital diseases. Calcineurin inhibitors like Tacrolimus and pimecrolimus are better than topical corticosteroids since they do not cause thinning of the skin, however, can cause some burning sensation and reactivate sexually transmitted infections, such as herpes or viral warts. Too much burning or itching can lead to the doctor prescribing oral over the counter drugs because they may not come up with such trouble. It is likely that genital psoriasis medications can cause temporary side effects like irritation, headache, insomnia and in some cases, fever, and diarrhea. But these drugs are in fact the helping hand in genital psoriasis treatment.

Health and hygiene

A person with genital psoriasis or symptoms alike must be aware of what not to do as to fillip these symptoms and how he can reduce the etiology of this infection. So talking to a doctor is always good. Awareness is the key as sexually transmitted diseases are also caused in the genital area and can be deadly. However, at the least, if a person suffers with genital psoriasis, its likely that he is having irritation in his urine or feces. Having a healthy diet and bathing in warm water to keep your hygiene clean is effective. Also tight clothing has the chance of rubbing the skin with them and aggravating this disease by friction. Protection is key. Proper cleaning after bowel movements is hygienic. A repeated injury can lead to a Koebner phenomenon, or a flare-up of psoriasis plaques, Using quality toilet paper, loose-fitting underwear, and using a fiber supplement can ease a flare-up.Wearing light and loose clothes will not only provide proper aeration around the body but also relieve you of excess sweating and bacterial infection. This condition can also get worse as a result of friction during sexual intercourse. Avoiding certain irritants can reduce a flare up.Using lubricants or a lubricated condom can help prevent a friction injury from sex. Keeping your partner about your health can further prevent this disease from exacerbating. Get your doctor’s advise before any drug therapy and you are on the safer side.

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