At Kayakalp Global, we pride ourselves in treating fungal infections by using integrative medicine.

1. Once the main symptom subsides which is itching, patients become casual towards their treatment, and even abruptly stop taking treatment. This makes the fungal infection resistant.

2. Since fungus is communicable from one person to another, family members can get fungus from the patient.

3. From a small patch it can spread to full body because our bathing towel got infected and fungal reaches on other parts of body.

4. On scratching a fungal patch the infection can enter nails. It is very difficult to treat nails infected with fungal infection.

6. Infection from hands and nails can infect scalp and hair roots, which is again a very serious issue as treatment for fungal infections in scalp also take a very long time.

7. Patients who are diabetic or using any steroids are at more risk of severe fungal infections that can spread to other body organs.

8. Most of patients who visit our clinic are using irregular treatment or are being treated with substandard medicines which make infection more resistant.