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Why Kayakalp Global?

Why Kayakalp Global?

Kayakalp global is a leading ayurvedic dermatology clinic treating skin patients since 1991.

Thousands of patients have got benefited from the integrated treatment approach used at Kayakalp Global, Psoriasis specialist doctor in India, Dr. Shailender Dhawan and his team of allopathy doctors and Ayurvedacharyas decide what protocol of treatment is best suited to a particular patient.

Psoriasis patients with mild to moderate symptoms need pure herbal and ayurvedic treatment. External application of herbal oil is advised and blood purifying Ayurvedic medicines are given for internal use.

In severe cases where joint pain is involved or there is inflammation in joints and nails are having pits or damaged use of allopathic medicine along with ayurvedic medicines is advised to patients. Success rates are very high and thousands of patients are leading healthy and disease free life since years with Kayakalp global management program. Stress free life is advised to patients for long term remissions as this is an autoimmune disorder and stress can lead to trigger of this disease. Twenty minutes morning pranayama is advised to patients with sun exposure.

Ultra violet light is a major healer in psoriasis patients and at Kayakalp Global doctors advise use of external application of oils and sit in sun for twenty minutes. This causes skin to produce vitamin D and helps in quick recovery of psoriasis patches. Patients should also monitor blood sugar levels and thyroid levels every year as there are chances of these diseases to occur in psoriasis patients.

No major diet restrictions are advised in psoriasis patients, However low salt diet is advised as a high salt intake can aggravate itching. Winter season is a major trigger factor of psoriasis and also one should avoid using cigarettes and alcohol as they can trigger psoriasis patches.

For a holistic and scientific approach to treating psoriasis, contact Kayakalp Global where you can get the best psoriasis ayurvedic treatment in Delhi.

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