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White Spots on Skin Treatment

White Spots on Skin Treatment

Vitiligo is a dramatic skin condition where skin starts showing up small to large shaped white spots. It’s a situation where skin pigment cells die or are unable to function properly.

Commonly affected areas include skin around your mouth, eyes, hair roots, scalp, fingers, wrists and armpits, groin, etc. Patches of Hair also turn white during the medical condition

Vitiligo generally occurs in a human body due to the loss of melanin in the skin. It’s also commonly seen that deficiencies of vitamin B12, folate, copper and zinc also trigger the issue. The white spots generally carry the tendency to grow and form a larger patch in the long run. We have seen that around half of the patients develop Vitiligo by the age of twenty and a few of them develop by the age of 40.

Regular intake of healthy food and proper medication can reduce and remove Vitiligo.

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Consumption of specific food items like curd, lemon, and pickles with milk increase the toxic levels in the human body resulting in to Leucoderma. Both the products are considered just the opposite of each other, that’s why it acts as a poisonous substance in the human body. Always consume vitamin C in limited dose.

Excessive consumption of cold drinks and cold water can also lead to Leucoderma. Constipation and bad stomach is also considered bad for the body. You must not avoid stopping the natural Vegas i.e. Stool, Urine and Semen are natural Vegas.

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