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Treat White Spot on Skin Through Ayurveda

Treat White Spot on Skin Through Ayurveda

White spots on the skin are quite discerning as they divert attention advertently and make oneself uncomfortably adorn an oblivious appearance.  These spots generally cause when there is a dearth in melanocyte production or melanins that give color to the skin.  White spots can be bifurcated into different segments like tinea versicolor, vitiligo, lichen sclerosis et al.  The most common cause of skin depigmentation is an autoimmune syndrome wherein healthy melanocyte cells are classified by the body as intruders and destroyed.  This makes for vitiligo.

In Tinea versicolor, the natural yeast found on the skin grows out of control and changes the skin pigmentation.  Factors like hot weather, oily skin, a weakened immune system, hormonal changes and excessive sweating cause this.  Lichensclerosus is a longterm condition that usually affects the skin of the genitals.  Hormonal imbalances are suspected.  While in eczema red, itchy and dry skin can be linked to allergies and asthma, it can also trigger pityriasis alba.  Lastly, one more condition that causes small 1 to 10 mm flat white spots is called idiopathic guttate hypomelanosis.  It typically occurs on the arms upper back and face.  Thus, discolored scattered white pigments are of many types but individually, they require selective treatments.

Ayurveda is a renowned herbal science existing since years of successful implementation for centuries.  Ancient Indian civilization embraced Ayurveda in its purest form what is now also shared with some scientific research and therapy based treatments.  Even though there has been constant evolvement of scientific treatment today, but there are at least some diseases and symptoms that don’t find 100% relapse from allopathic therapy.  What makes it more interesting is that it is a totally safe procedure which eradicates the symptoms itself instead of suppressing them by body detoxification and purification.  Then, it has no side effects known to mankind.

Conventional treatment vs Ayurveda:

Allopathic therapies try to manage the symptoms and suppress them.  Some methods allow external application like miniature punch grafting to cover white spots or narrowband UVB light therapy is an ideal match for repigmentation.  Oral corticosteroid creams and medicines are also an accepted form.  However, these methods do have their side effects like skin thinning, scar formation from tattooing, or Koebner’s phenomenon.  While Oxsoralen cream can get sunburn, Psoralen photochemotherapy can also give painful aftereffects.

How Ayurveda is beneficial to treat white spots:

Ayurveda believes that white spots are caused as side effects released by toxic body substances, so it adopts a very clean method to render.  It conquers the very important food consumption habits terming them as “virudh aahar sevan”, that is, eating foods opposing nature like eating fish and curd together.  It also cleanses the body by flushing out toxin making agents.  Since vitiligo can be transformed from other conditions like thyroid, diabetes, psoriasis, Ayurveda recognizes white spots or Shwitra exacerbating from Pitta in the body. Pitta is a digestive fire of Ayurveda that eases digestion.  The Bhrajak Pitta of that class gives the skin its color but its imbalance factored as “ama” impairs deeper body tissues ultimately causing depigmentation to the skin.  Managing this condition by the right diet along with herbal medication calm down the Pitta and release ama from the body.

Ayurveda also uses herbal extracts that clean the intestinal track of mucus so that food goes easily to the stomach and is absorbed without toxicity but with good protein absorption.  Applying external and internal medications and disciplined exercise can get rid of white spots by Ayurveda.  Foods rich in Vitamin B12, folic acids and copper also cease white spots from reappearing.  Ayurveda boosts up Vata, being the energy factor purifies the body.  Ayurvedic extracts of Cassia Fistula, PsorliaCordifolia and Piper Longum  stimulate pigment growth.

While yoga is an integral part of Ayurvedic culture to rejuvenate cell growth and cleans blood flow in the body, a disciplined lifestyle standard and clean food consumption are strictly professed.

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