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Psoriasis – The Ayurvedic Treatment at Kayakalp Global

Psoriasis – The Ayurvedic Treatment at Kayakalp Global

We have been studying the Psoriasis patients for more than 15 years now. Most of them seen with red burns and itchy skins. Some patients have mild levels of Psoriasis and some have severe symptoms which require immediate attention.

Let’s understand what exactly psoriasis is. It’s a skin condition which is caused because of the Chronic Autoimmune disease which affects the skin. The condition can be seen as red scaly patches on an individual which are noncontagious.

The human body grows skin cells at the lowest level which then slowly moves up to the top most layer within a time period of approx 28 daysIn case of Psoriasis the skin grows faster and the cells come up in only 2-6 days which results in fast skin development converting them into itchy thick red colored patches in an individual.

The Ayurveda way of Treatment

Ayurveda is a great healer as it helps in quick reduction of the medical condition. We have specifically designed customized packages for each individual. Steps which we suggest and follow in the process includes…

  1. Blood purifying herbal tablets are given to reduce the toxins in an individual as it helps in purification of Blood and intestines.
  2. Stress relieving herbal tablets are also given to reduce the higher levels of Stress and to reduce the triggering of toxins in the human brain.
  3. Herbal ingredients are given to correct the immune deficiency levels so that it produces good quality levels of majja also known as the Bone marrow as it helps in production of immunity cells.
  4. Solutions made of Coconut oil carrying herbal extracts of Amaltas, CaassiaFistua, Anantamula and other herbs must be used for external application as it can give fast and amazing recovery.
  5. Yoga on daily basis for 20 minutes is another superb remedy as it helps in reduction of stress levels in an individual.

Ayurveda clearly says opposite food combinations must be avoided to rectify the medical condition like consumption of Sweet and Sour together.

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