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New Hope for Chronic Psoriatic Patients

New Hope for Chronic Psoriatic Patients

Psorcure Oil can treat chronic psoriasis disease with no re-occurrence of lesions – a major breakthrough in Psoriasis Treatment.

Clinical trial showed that Psorcure Oil is much more effective than calcipotriol in stopping the lesions to reappear after the treatment.

Psorcure Oil is part of treatment plan developed by Dr S Dhawan to cure Psoriatic patients permanently. Psorcure Oil is a specially formulated extracts of herbs optimized to treat psoriatic patients.

To reduce scales in Psoriatic Patients, most of the Dermatologists recommend and prefer to use the Vitamin D3 analog (calcipotriol) as an external application. This application also helps inhibiting T cell proliferation.

A 6 week clinical trial was conducted to compare the effectiveness of Psorcure Oil and Calcipotriol. For this purpose 25 chronic plaque psoriatic patients were selected from the list of volunteers who offered themselves for this trial. The selection was made based on redness; scales level and PASI score to maintain the uniformity in severity of patients selected for trial. Average PASI score was determined separately for left side and right side of every patient’s body. The score was 20.1 and 20.3 respectively.

Patients mix was widely distributed. Out of 25 patients, 14 patients were male and 11 were females. All the patients were in the age group of 6years to 65 years.

Every patient was tested for Biochemical and Hematological investigations before and after trial period. The investigations include Whole Blood Count, Total Calcium and Phosphate, Alkaline Phosphate, Total Proteins and Creatanin Levels.

Trial Methodology

During the trial period, every patient was given calcipotriol ointment to apply on the right side of the body and psorcure oil to apply on the left side of the body. After application of Oil, left part of body for every patient was exposed to sun light for 15 minutes as part of treatment.

During the trial period no patient was allowed to take any other treatment, application, calcium supplements or any other oral or topical psoriatic therapy. Further no internal medication was given to any of the patients during trial period.

Trial Results

Out of 25 patients 3 patients defaulted, 2 patients developed worsened with calcipotriol and one patient developed rashes with psorcure oil.

The PASI score after 6 weeks trial period

Calcipotriol group 3.8 (A reduction of 87% in PASI Score)

Psorcure Oil Group 2.8 (A reduction of 90% in PASI Score)

After the end of 3 months observation period

Calcipotriol group Lesions reappeared in 50% of cases

Psorcure Oil Group Lesions reappeared in only 5% of cases.


Psorcure Oil is more effective for longer remission periods and relief. In combination with other medicines it helps curing psoriasis permanently.

Dr. S Dhawan has dedicated his life for the research and treatment of psoriasis. During his long research he formed a theory on the causes of psoriasis and based on this theory he developed a herbal based specially formulated treatment plan to cure psoriatic conditions. Any one can read his theory at

He has treated more than 1500 patients with his new treatment plan during the last 3 years. He monitors the conditions of all his patients even after completion of treatment period. Not even a single patient has reported any major reappearance of psoriatic conditions after getting cured. You can see complete analysis of his patient’s register at

An observation period of 3 years is not enough to claim that my treatment provides total cure, says Dr. S Dhawan, but no major reappearance of psoriasis in any of my patients under my treatment is the longest remission period observed ever under any treatment plan available in the world. This in itself is a remarkable achievement in psoriasis treatment quest.

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