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Do’s and Don’ts for proper Psoriasis Treatment

Do’s and Don’ts for proper Psoriasis Treatment

Generally, in Psoriasis the immune system gets angry at the skin, leading to red, scaly plaques. Usually, it appears on elbows and knees, including the scalp, lower back, nails, and even the genitals also. You must be aware how frustrating and challenging psoriasis can be to cope with the condition if you are suffering from it.

The good news is that there are ways to make life with psoriasis easier and it can be 100% cured if we go with Ayurveda treatment for this dangerous disease called psoriasis. There are some of the Do’s and Don’ts in psoriasis treatment that can make your treatment so easy and patients can get relief instantly after following these  Do’s and Don’ts in psoriasis treatment. 

Psoriasis Do’s:

Do talk to a dermatologist: You need to discuss the condition with your doctor, including when you first noticed psoriasis, any situations that seem to make your symptoms worse, and what treatments have you taken the past. All the details need to be discussed with a dermatologist who specializes in treating psoriasis.

Do moisturize: After taking bath, moisturize skin by applying a moisturizing cream or ointment to your skin. There are a few Ayurveda cream or moisturizers available in the market that can provide good results. Meanwhile, try to avoid lightweight lotions, which don't contain enough emollients. Consult with your doctor; he may also prescribe a moisturizing cream that contains medication that can save your skin from itching.

Do take a soak:  Adding salt, Neem leafs, oatmeal, bath oil or gel containing coal tar to the water can help you to soothe and moisturize your psoriasis affected skin. Both are associated with relieving psoriasis and can help loosen scales and reduce the itching and inflammation caused by psoriasis.

Do get some sun: Psoriasis lesions often diminish when exposed to ultraviolet light, while sunbathing is discouraged for most people.  Because of the risk of skin cancer, it can be helpful for those who are having psoriasis. The trick can be more helpful and it is to make sure that the areas which are affected by psoriasis must be exposed.

Do reach out: Psoriasis also affects emotionally along with the physically tough. With this disease feeling of depression, frustration, and isolation are very common for most of the patients. Skin related issues which can be the unattractive appearance of psoriasis lesions are normal. Feelings of depression, frustration may not let you get rid of this condition.

According to the World Health Organization reports more than 100 million people are affected by this disease around the world. Psoriasis patients need to discuss their feelings about the disease with family, friends, and doctor. They are the one who can provide a support and kind of help to make you feel that you're not alone.

Psoriasis Don't:

Don't overdo it: Avoid the temptation to scrub lesions that can not only irritate them but make those worse too. Meanwhile, try not to pick at scale because that can cause bleeding and increase the risk of infection in the Psoriasis affected areas. Bathing with hot water or using abrasive cleaners also makes psoriasis flare up to try to avoid it and take bath with cool water.

Don't stress out: Avoid stressful situations when you can, it can increase that chances of psoriasis more. Therefore, you need to take extra steps and care of yourself. Along with it, eating well, exercising, and getting enough sleep can avoid stress. Try meditation, biofeedback, relaxation and other stress management techniques to get your stress out.

Never hold natural urges: Vomiting, urination, bowel emptying should never hold by a Psoriasis patient in any condition.

Avoid opposite foods: There are some foods like Sprouts, honey, and milk must not be consumed with meat and fish. Meanwhile, Curd, salt, sour fruits, meat, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, prawn, pork, should not be consumed with milk or milk made products.

Don't give up: Be patient and don't give up, in case your treatment or therapy is talking time in curing your disease. It's important to be consistent with your treatment plan, day by day o even when your skin is affected badly. Make sure with slow and steady you will win the race, especially with Ayurveda treatment.

Therefore, Ayurvedic treatment for psoriasis in Delhi can give proper relief and the best part with Ayurveda is that it has no side effects. Psoriasis patients should immediately contact the experienced physicians for proper guideline and instructions. As an Expert, I can suggest you connect with the Kayakalp Global health center team for better Ayurveda treatment for psoriasis.

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