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Common Concerns about Vitiligo

Common Concerns about Vitiligo

We know that vitiligo is a symptom rather than an underlying disease.  But still people are in a fix that it is something that can’t be treated.  Vitiligo is also associated with stress induced anxiety and timidity.  It is not something that cannot be elevated at all as most of the population lives in disbelief about its annihilation.  There are some common concerns about vitiligo:

Is vitiligo contagious?

Vitiligo is not an infectious process and doesn’t exhibit any signs of communication from one person to the other. It doesn’t display any characteristics of leprosy type features and is only limited to depigmentation of human skin and hair.  Coming in contact with a vitiligo patient is safe as is sharing food and items with your buddies.

Can it be treated?

Skin repigmentation is a long process but definitely scientific methods like phototherapy helps generates repigmentation and topical corticosteroids like Triamcinolone acetonide ointment are beneficial.  Vitiligo too is treated through the unique herbal methodology of Ayurveda by rejuvenating body tissues and the nervous system, metabolism and digestion.  So we can say vitiligo can be treated albeit it will need time.

Can vitiligo spread rapidly by intake of certain foods? 

Although some treatment methods profess that vitiligo occurs by intake of fish and milk together, however it still is a contentious issue and cannot be made a hardliner fact unless there is efficacious proof of it.  In Ayurveda, the best cure to treat vitiligo is acceptance of healthy lifestyle and eating habits to filter out toxins from the body.

Is vitiligo a form of leprosy?

Vitiligo and leprosy look similar in the first stage due to similar appearance of skin patches and misunderstanding of disease factors in the past.  In Ayurvedic terms, the meaning of vitiligo as sweta kushta or white leprosy confuses us but it doesn’t mean leprosy.  While leprosy is an infection occurring by a bacillus known as mycobacterium leprae whereas vitiligo is an autoimmune process. 

Is vitiligo synonymous with albinism or skin cancer?

Albinisim is the complete or partial discoloration of skin pigmentation.  It is a genetic disorder and the melanins are missing in the person born with it.  The condition influences the hair, iris and eyebrows since birth and vitiligo is not associated with such or any skin cancer.  It starts on normal skin and is not always inherited because the main factor is autoimmune reaction that causes melanin loss in vitiligo.  So it’s not associated with skin disorder.

Is vitiligo is a disease?

Modern medicinal science treats vitiligo like a phenomenon that is triggered by the autoimmune process of the body when skin color producing melanins are identified as intruders and destroyed.  So in reality, this is not a disease.  Ayurveda also states that the body toxins not released out of the body form on the epidermis as discolored patches and they need to be flushed out using herbal pastes and lifestyle changes.

Is Homoeopathy is best for Vitiligo?

Although allopathic methods like corticosteroid creams and phototherapy helps generate repigmentation, they have medicines show fast results in skin toning Homeopathic medicines are natural and have no side-effects unlike conventional medicine which could cause severe burns and blistering.  Homeopathic medicine is truly without side effects and can be used for lasting benefits unlike short term results from conventional medicines.

Patience is the best medicine to treat vitiligo because skin repigmentation is a slow process and cannot revive overtime.  You need to be aware of the treatment protocol and maintain confidence in the healing process.  Rest you must leave up to the doctor and our belief in yourself.

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