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About Us

About Us

KAYAKALP GLOBAL SKIN is India's first integrated dermatology (Skin) center located in Faridabad, Haryana near national capital Delhi.

The clinic was established in 1992 by Dr. Shailender Dhawan and his team to treat chronic skin diseases such as Vitiligo and Psoriasis which are considered incurable in modern medicine.

Kayakalp Global Skin Clinic in Delhi

After completing Graduation in Ayurveda Science from Guru Nanak Dev University in 1992, Dr. Shailender Dhawan started helping patients suffering from Vitiligo (Leucoderma) and Psoriasis under guidance of Dr. S.L.Vasant, an MD in Ayurvedic medicine, ex-Principal of Ayurvedic Medical College, Jaipur.

Our journey started in 1992 from a charitable hospital in Faridabad where more than 250 patients visited each day. The response continued to grow and till date more than 26,000 vitiligo patients and more than 6000 psorisis patients have been successfully treated at our clinic which is a remarkable feat.

After decades of experience, we have developed customized treatment for vitiligo and psoriasis patients depending upon:

  • The age of patient
  • Severity of disease
  • Past medicines taken by patient
  • Wether the disease is stable or spreading
  • In vitiligo, color of hair on white patch.
  • Presence of other diseases such as thyroid or diabetes etc.

At Kayakalp Global we are able to prescribe a unique treatment for treating skin disorders which provides safe and speedy results with long term sustainability. Our medicines are in the form of extracts which are really easy to consume. Thus patients are able to take an informed decision and follow our unique treatment approach and also receive traditional skin treatments at our clinic.

We take pride in changing the lives of thousands of patients who have visited us and we have been able to bring joy to their families.

Know Your Doctors

Dr. Shailender Dhawan

BAMS, MD(Alternate Medicine)
Vitiligo and Psoriasis specialist

Doctor Shailender Dhawan belongs to a family of doctors practicing and specializing in traditional Ayurvedic Medicine. He completed his graduation in Ayurvedic Sciences in the year 1992 from Laxmi Narayan Ayurvedic Medical College, Amritsar (Punjab), a very reputed University for traditional ayurvedic system of medicine.

Doctor Shailender Dhawan

He has dedicate his life to researching the cure for vitiligo and psoriasis through tradtional Indian ayurvedic system of medicine. Over the last 15 years, he along with his dedicated and mission driven staff, has treated over 26,000 vitilio warriors and over 6,000 psoriasis patients.

Dr. Dhawan is working with Dr. Terresa Torres from Bolivia and integrated treatment is being provided to patients in Bolivia suffering from Psoriasis and Vitiligo with great success.

Dr. Dhawan in collaboration with consultant Herbal Division, Canada presented studies on the role of herbal medicines in skin diseases at National Psoriasis Foundation, USA.

Detailed discussions were held with eminent doctors from other parts of the world on Vitiligo and Psoriasis-Causes and its Treatment. Dr Terence. J. Ryan of Oxford University, UK and many other doctors from USA and UK accepted this Ayurvedic line of diagnosis and treatment. They all pledged to work in coordination with each other to treat this disease.

Dr. Andreas Katsambas from Greece invited Dr. Dhawan to attend 15th Congress of European Academy of Dermatology in Greece.

Dr. Dhawan had was invited to the second world Ayurveda Conference Pune and conference on Nano Biotechnology in Lucknow sponsored by National Botanical Research Organization (NBRI).

Dr Dhawan is a familiar face at world Vitiligo conference VITILICON every year.

Dr. Suman

BAMS ayurvedacharya, MD(Alternate medicine)
Drug Development

Dr.Suman has extensive experience in cosmetology and has rich experience working with Vitiligo patients using an integrated approach. She has worked with Dr.Harish Kukreja MBBS, MD Dermatology in treating pigmentation and melasma.

Dr. Mini Vohra

MBBS, MS(surgery)

After working for decades serving our nation in the armed forces as an army surgeon, Dr. Vohra has joined the team as a modern medcine practioner helping expand Kayakalp's mission in treating Vitiligo and Psoriasis patients through an integrated approach.

Dr. Samyak

Cosultant and Management.

A young Dynamic doctor, Dr. Samyak is on board with the team to help make integrated dermatology a reality in the world. He is also responsible for treating international patients through telemedicine.

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