Psoriatic Arthritis in Delhi – Psoriatic Arthritis is known as an inflammatory disease that occurs in patients majorly who are suffering from Psoriasis. It causes inflammation, swelling, and pain in joints. Generally, it can affect any joint on the body and its symptoms may be different from person to person. As per the study conducted by Vitiligo Support International, Psoriatic Arthritis is a disease that usually appears in people between the ages of 25-50. Like Psoriasis, Psoriatic Arthritis is also a long-term disease that sometimes causes your joints to be damaged permanently.

Psoriasis Treatment

Factors that cause Psoriatic Arthritis?

Factors that cause Psoriatic Arthritis is still unknown. But, as per the recent researches, it is a genetic disorder. Children may have a higher chance of getting this disease if any of their family members are suffering from Psoriatic Arthritis. As per some researches, the reason for Psoriatic Arthritis is an infection in the immune system that triggers the person`s disease who is suffering from Psoriasis and converts the disease into Psoriatic Arthritis.

There are several symptoms and different patterns of joints that are affected by this disease. However, All the patient’s symptoms may be varying.

Symptoms –

As we mentioned above, it is a lifelong condition. However, some may experience only joint problems. Early warning signs of Psoriatic Arthritis include hand pain or foot pain. Other signs include neck pain or back pain. As per the report of the National Psoriasis Foundation approx. 20% of the patients, who are suffering from Psoriasis-Arthritis, living with 5 or more than 5 damaged joints, which makes very difficult for them to perform their daily task.

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Why Psoriatic Arthritis Treatment in Ayurveda is better?

One of the major benefits of our Psoriatic Arthritis in Delhi Treatment care is that it has no special side effects. Ayurveda is offering the Panchakarma Treatments which are designed to refresh the toxins and remove the toxins that are responsible for blood impure. This Treatment makes sure that the disease cannot process further. When these treatments are combined with external treatments like Abhyanga and Dhara, then the pain or inflammation in the joints will reduce and the movements will improve. Ayurveda provides you with the best Psoriatic Arthritis Treatment, but you need to be very cautious related to your lifestyle, food as well as stress.