Vitiligo Treatment in Ayurveda (Delhi)

Vitiligo Treatment in Ayurveda (Delhi)

At KayaKalp Global with years of research and by treating thousands of patients in different stages of disease we have developed a comprehensive treatment plan. The treatment for leucoderma depends upon two very important point - whether the disease is spreading or is stable. If the disease is spreading then we need to switch off the disease first and at the same time start working on re-pigmentation. Stopping the disease to spread is a very important part of medication because if we are not able to stop the spread of disease we can never succeed in curing it. Treatment Plan is designed taking in account the age of patient, location of white patch his past medication history, state of disease (spreading or stationary) and depending upon the color of hair follicles on white patches.

Medication can be divided into two parts i.e. internal medication and external medication.

Internal Medication

The Herbal treatment for leucoderma provided for internal use helps the body to neutralize the toxins produced from stress, indigestion and also toxins produced from unhealthy food combinations.

This makes the blood pure and helps stopping the disease from spreading and produces healthy grounds for re-pigmentation.

Internal medication is designed to clear the intestinal track of mucus so that better absorption of food can take place in form of vitamins and minerals. It is a proven fact that lack of Vitamin B12, folic acids and copper can trigger Vitiligo, so a healthy intestinal track will help good absorption of all these essential elements from food.

Herbal treatment for leucoderma involves intake of stress relieving herbal preparations in form of tablets to soothe the nerves. This stops the trigger toxins from being produced in brain and also clear toxins from skin cells.

Internal herbs also help to normalize the vata defect in body thus stops the spreading of disease. Vata is the energy which moves different impurities from one place in body to other areas so when vata defects are corrected spreading of disease can be arrested.

Herbal preparations are given to correct the immuno deficiency. This helps to produce good quality (majja) bone marrow, which is the production centre for immunity .

Yoga Guidelines

20 minutes morning yoga is good for relieving the stress as stress related triggers can very effectively be neutralised with the help of yoga. This had been proven in many studies.

External Medication

We have to work on three segments in Vitiligo cases

  • The first step is to stimulate the pigment cells for re-pigmentation. This can be achieved by giving proper stimulation to pigment cells using combination of Cassia Fistula, Psorlia Cordifolia and Piper Longum .
  • Second part is providing favourable condition in skin for better pigmentation. Problem with pigment cell is that they are like nerve cells and they multiply very slowly. So for better pigmentation we need to provide a better environment for pigment cells where they can grow quickly, this can be done by using herbs like vitix.
  • Third is to preserve the pigment which has been formed. After the pigment is formed we need to preserve it so that once pigments are produced they do not get destroyed. All this can be achieved by using different herbal combinations in particular doses.

Back to nature is only solution to vitiligo cure. In our last 20 years of research on Vitiligo we have noticed that color formation is like growing a flower in the garden.

As a good Gardner can produce beautiful flowers similarly an experienced doctor can produce better regimentation in skin.

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