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  • At Kaya kalp we have developed an integrated approach in Vitiligo and we can achieve 80-100% recovery in Vitiligo patches on face if the hair are black in 3-5 month of medication.
  • 60-80% recovery on Vitiligo patches in 6-8 months of medication provided hair are still black.
  • Time frame for areas on bony parts, tips of fingers and lips may vary from patient to patient.

Lot of research and studies have been done regarding safety levels of these herbal medicines . It has been established in our clinical trials and lab investigations with liver function tests and renal function tests that these medications are safe for long term use even in kids.

Vitiligo is an autoimmune disease triggered by genetic origin.

In 3% of patient’s first line of family members are effected by vitiligo and in other 3% second line of family members are effected with vitiligo.

In 20% cases someone in family is suffering from an autoimmune disease like thyroid or diabetes.

At kayakalp we have developed a unique treatment process where we can reduce the chances of vitiligo spreading to next generation.

Patients are guided to reduce the triggers in kids if parents are suffering from vitiligo.

Details for same can be discussed with doctor at the time of consultation.

No major dietary restrictions are needed in vitiligo patients.

  • Use of Synthetic Garments, Hair Dyes, Chemical based Cosmetics, Tight fitting outfits, nickel and plastic bands are not recommended.
  • One should have a regular bowl movement, should avoid tomatoes and brinjal. Sour tasting food, Products containing Vit.C like citrus, amla should be avoided in excess.
  • Treatment of dental cavities, sinus infections, acute or chronic gastro intestinal infections should be promptly treated.
  • Stress and tension should be avoided and exposure to sun should be minimized.
  • It is a myth in many parts of the world that white colour food tends to increase Vitiligo but this is not true.

NO, Vitiligo is an autoimmune disorder and may be associated with many other autoimmune disorders like Thyroid, Arthritis and Diabetes. According to Ayurveda skin diseases are just an indication that there is something wrong going on in our body which needs attention and can be treated with Ayurvedic treatment for leucoderma . Same is done with this ayurvedic approach in treatment of vitiligo that not only colour forming techniques are adopted but medications are directed to solve the root cause which are toxins present in blood and intestinal track.

These are the two different names for a similar disease of White patches. Vitiligo and Leucoderma start with slight depigmentation over skin with gradually develops into a white patch. One can rarely notice any symptom of vitiligo. Some cases have slight itching before the appearance of a vitiligo spot. Although disease, vitiligo, and Leucoderma have different onset reasons usually the line of Ayurvedic treatment remains the same for both diseases.

Vitiligo can also be accidental. Generally, Vitiligo spots start after a scratch, a cut or after burn. Sometimes some paint, adhesive or cosmetic allergy can start Vitiligo. After the accident or allergy partial or complete loss of melanocyte can lead to Vitiligo.

If parents have history, then there are more chances of one developing ‘Leucoderma. However, it is not certain. At the same time, numerous cases of Leucoderma do not have a relevant family history of Leucoderma.

Vitiligo is neither contagious nor infectious, it is only a cosmetic skin problem & it degrades the beauty of body due to white patches.

There are many types of treatment available for Vitiligo but Ayurvedic treatment is considered as the best treatment for vitiligo because it is safe and works on the root cause. Whereas other treatment options can either exaggerate or may suppress.

The Autoimmunity is a stage of the body in which body cells destroy it. It starts destroying the pigment cells. The ‘melanocyte’ is the cell which produces melanin pigment. The loss of melanin pigment results into a vitiligo, white patches.

However, there are different theories suggesting autoimmune syndrome impaired hepatic function as jaundice, gastric disorder, typhoid fever and so on.

The symptom of Leucodermacan be different for different blood groups. But generally, it starts with minor depigmented spots which have the tendency to merge into each other and form a large patch. Leucodermaalso can be bilateral with a left- right combination depends on the types of blood group in different people.

Vitiligo Diagnosis is done mostly by the sufferers itself as it is visible with fading skin color spots or patches. For vitiligo treatment family history, physical appearance and skin condition and preferably diet habit and lifestyle of the sufferer do matter a lot.

People with this disorder can experience emotional stress, particularly if Vitiligo develops on visible areas such as the face, hands, arms, feet, or on the genitals. Vitiligo disease can affect a person's emotional and psychological well-being and may create difficulty in socializing. Talking with other people who have Vitiligo can help a person to cope with Emotional Aspects.

Kayakalp global concentrates its prime focus on treatment of Vitiligo patients through its unique Ayurveda medicines. At Kayakalp global each and every patient is treated according to the most ancient system of Ayurveda medicine. The patient is treated with Ayurveda and diet formulations to treat the root cause of the disease so that to act to the point with no relapse of the disease.

Diet restrictions - Tamarind, Curd, and Tomato, Citrus Fruits & Citrus fruit items/juices as oranges, lemon even grapes are strictly restricted. Papaya should also be restricted.

Spicy/ Oily food & non-vegetarian food intake should be lowered. Apart from it, any eatable made of soda bicarb, stored sour things, pickles, tinned foods or drinks, chocolates, coffee or cocoa products should not be taken and chyawanprash is restricted too.

Lifestyle related restrictions – A Tight fitting which gives marks on the skin, like elastic must be avoided which disturbs the skin blood circulation. Scratching, Itching must be avoided. Plastic and rubber wear should be avoided. Plastic Ornaments, Bindi or any Stickers on the skin should be avoided.

Ayurveda treatments can reduce the severity of the Vitiligo. It can root-out any disease therefore with Ayurveda treatment, there is no chance for regeneration of Vitiligo disease and the best part is it has no side effects. Through Ayurveda remedies, Vitiligo can be cured gradually. Vitiligo proper treatment also depends on the types of hospitals we choose for the treatment. It is suggested to always go with the experts like Kayakalp global center.

Though the condition has no other known effects on the body, the psychological and social effects are well documented. Today, vitiligo is a treatable condition, though Ayurveda treatment it can be cured gradually and repigmentation with Ayurveda treatment results are 100%. It has proven in the top Ayurveda hospitals like Kayakalp Global that segmental of vitiligo is curable.

Vitiligo is a skin disorder in which white patches of skin appear on different parts of the body. It occurs because the cells that make pigment in the skin are destroyed. Vitiligo is caused by a loss of pigment in the skin, due to the destruction of pigment-forming cells known as melanocytes. Although vitiligo affects all races equally, it is more noticeable in dark-skinned people. To get proper treatment for vitiligo, experts always suggest for the Ayurveda treatment.

Usually, people have a misunderstanding towards Vitiligo, they think that Vitiligo can’t be treated completely. But it’s not a truth with Ayurveda treatment because Ayurveda treatment has cured Vitiligo 100% we have got surprising results picture and voice logs or videos on . Patients, who have been suffering from Vitiligo, almost half of their life have gone with white patches, and now they have got complete relief from Vitiligo white patches by Kayakalp Global Health center’s Ayurveda treatment.

After talking all types of treatment for Vitiligo, they came to Kayakalp Global, Switch into Ayurveda and got complete relief within 3/5 Months of time. You may talk to the Ayurveda treatment expert Dr. Shailender Dhawan or Visit on their website: to see the surprising results by our own.

Allopathic treatment gives instant results but it may not cure a disease completely; also it may have some of the side effects. Apart from it, Ayurveda is the treatment which has been tested from ancients of time. The best part is, Ayurveda has no side effect and it cures a disease of the roots. Therefore, it has no chance to rise again. Meanwhile, most of the experts always recommend Ayurveda treatment especially for skin disease like Vitiligo & Psoriasis.

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