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Treatment Plan (Groin)

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Psorcure Treatment Plan for Genital Psoriasis

Genital Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder where emotional stress and disturbance is at its peak. It is important that it should be dealt carefully.

We at Clinic Psoriasis developed a 100% herbal plan to treat Genital and Groin Psoriasis (GGP) and acute psoriatic conditions.

We have tailored our treatment plan to treat inflammation in genital and groin areas and severe psoriasis conditions.

This treatment plan not only reduces inflammation but also relieves stress impact on body and also removes and blocks the sources which are causing GGP condition.

Psorcure Treatment Plan reduces toxins generation, accumulation, expansion and removes localization.

It restores the immunity levels and blocks the impact of stress on body. Since patients are generally on heavy doses of medication such as steroids, Elidel, Dovonex, PUVA etc, we developed special processes to reduce and eliminate these heavy doses of medicines.

We also developed integrated approach for severe psoriatic conditions. The following few sections will explain in detail about various components of Psorcure Treatment Plan for Genital Psoriasis and how it works.

GGP Treatment Plan - Component

As the name suggests, to get permanent results both Psoriasis and Genital Psoriasis conditions of patient need to be treated.

There are 4 essential components of Psorcure Treatment Plan for Genital Psoriasis.
1. External Treatment Medicines
2. Internal Treatment Medicines
3. Diet Guidelines
4. Yoga Exercises

External Treatment Medicines

The objective of these medicines is to heal the current condition of Psoriasis. It Clears red skin from genital area and lesions from other parts of body, reduce itching and irritation and strengthen skin condition. The specially prepared medicines go deep into skin layer through skin pores and block the flow of toxins.

Two medicines are generally recommended as part of the treatment plan

Specially developed Psorcure Oil for Genital Psoriasis

Normal Psorcure Oil and ointment for other parts of body

"Both Oil and Ointment are carefully balanced with regard to quantity of different herbs to be administered to the patient on daily basis and daily use is determined based on the medical profile of patients."

All the External Treatment Medicines are 100% herbal. No synthetic chemical, steroid or any artificial element is added into these medicines before, during and after the manufacturing process.

All the herbs used for the preparation of these medicines are grown locally under the direct supervision of doctor and only fresh herbs are picked up and processed according to the requirement.

Internal Treatment Medicines

The objective of these medicines is to heal the psoriasis and genital psoriasis conditions internally

Since genital psoriasis condition of patient is PITTA dominant, toxins are severely localized at genital and groin areas, channels are blocked and flow of toxins is severe.

The internal medicines target to stop the flow of toxins at intestine level, cleanse the blood stream, blocks the toxins flow at genital and groin level, restore the immunity level, reduce the inflammation in genital areas and heal the GGP condition.

Internal medicines also block the stress effect on our body, thereby gives our body physical relief from stress and depression.

Following internal medicines are given to GGP patients :

The doses may vary depending on the condition of the patient.
• Psorcare Caps
• Psorcalm Caps
• Psorclean Tabs

As in the case of external medicines all these medicines are 100% herbal and no synthetic chemical and steroids are added into these medicines.
All the herbs used for the preparation of these medicines are grown locally under the direct supervision of doctor and only fresh herbs are picked up and processed according to the requirement.

Diet Guidelines

As explained in article Genital Psoriasis – Causes and Treatment in information section, any food one eats generate toxins. Since the body is already channeling toxins through to genital and groin skin and beyond. Therefore it is imperative that excessive toxins generation needs to be controlled so that internal medicines should work on reversing the GGP conditions

Keeping this objective in mind we developed special diet guidelines which patient has to follow. In fact these guidelines should become part of patient’s habit because even after the treatment of GGP conditions, these guidelines need to be followed to maintain the remission state permanently.

Yoga Exercises

As explained in our article Genital Psoriasis – Causes and Treatment, one of the reasons for the expansion of toxins to genital area is blockage of waste disposal channels. Exhaling breath is one of the most important waste disposal channels.

"We carefully selected special yoga exercises, to open the breath exhaling gates and clear the toxins from intestine itself. Also these exercises balance the PITTA condition which is responsible for the outbreak of genital psoriasis in the first place. "

These yoga exercises should also become part of patient’s life as they need to be followed after the treatment to maintain remission state permanently.
In severe GGP conditions or where genital skin is already breaking, we recommend our patients Integrated approach. In this approach we recommend patient to take one of the allopathic medicines along with our Psorcure Treatment Plan, depending on his medical profile.
To get the maximum results from this treatment plan, one has to follow this treatment plan entirely, with or without integrated approach (as advised by doctor).

Regularity of treatment, communication with doctor on regular basis, maintenance treatment and follow through observation period are the key factors to get life long remission.

Maintenance Treatment

Once targeted level of psoriatic conditions reversal is achieved, your doctor will put you on maintenance treatment.

As the name suggests the objective of this treatment is to maintain the stable condition of body and prevent body from triggers and triggers supports bringing flare up or aggravation.
Sometimes one sees reappearance of psoriasis patches or inflammation in genital areas but with lesser intensity.
The medicines under maintenance treatment are psorcure oil and psorcure oil for genital psoriasis, with one or two internal medicines depending on the body profile of the patient.

Observation Period
Once the maintenance treatment period is over, patient is put on to Observation Period. Under this period generally no treatment is given but patient keeps some oil and ointment in emergency box.
This period lasts for 2 years and patient is advised to follow diet guidelines and Yoga Exercises. The patient is required to report to doctor every month about his condition. . Once it is observed that condition of patient is stable during this observation period, the patient is declared fully treated and it is expected in majority of cases that patient will maintain life long remission state.

Efficacy and effectiveness of GGP Treatment Plan
After a long research herbs have been chosen and doses are optimized to treat genital psoriasis patients.
Our objective is to achieve 95% PASI reduction and life long remission period. The inflammation from GGP gets eliminated. Stress and depression impact on body gets relieved. Further expansion of toxins to bone gets stopped which otherwise leads to psoriatic arthritis.
Under tough and acute GGP conditions some patients may be required to continue with some part of the treatment plan with or without the reduced doses of steroids.

The success rate for GGP Treatment Plan is 80% and with the use of integrated approach, the success rate goes up to 95%.
The general treatment period is as follows :

Main Treatment Period 3-6 months
Maintenance Treatment Period 3 months
Observation Period 2 years
In case of Genital Psoriasis, one starts seeing results in the 15 days itself.

What can not be expected from this treatment plan?
This treatment plan removes the causes and triggers which are responsible for GGP conditions. Life long remission is only possible where general health is maintained and patient is observing diet and yoga instructions.
In some cases patient may be required to continue with small doses of Psorcure Oil with or without the combination of steroids.

How to buy this treatment?

You can buy this treatment in our pharmacy section or by clicking the following link
Psorcure Treatment Plan for Genital Psoriasis

Patients with acute and severe genital psoriasis condition are advised to submit their medical profile and get doctors review and recommendations before starting this treatment plan.
To submit your medical profile, please click the following link.
Submit your medical profile

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Do You Know?

Psorcure Treatment Plan means 95%+ PASI reduction and long term remission. It is 100% safe.

Doctor Profile

Dr Shailender Dhawan has specialization in Psoriasis, Scalp Psoriasis, Guttate, Pustular, Plaque, Psoriatic arthritis, and other diseases where hyperkeratosis takes place

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