Bakuchi is a plant mentioned in Ayurvedic text books and its uses have been mentioned 4000 years ago.This plant is a native of India, Bangladesh and Srilanka and its uses have been mentioned in treating vitiligo or leucoderma.seeds are black and are mainly used in treatment for vitiligo. This is being used as home remedy and seeds are soaked in water overnight and water is consumed in morning and some patients are also applying paste made of these seeds.

This have been practice since centuries. patients are advised to sit in sun for some time after using babchi seeds.In most of cases vitiligo skin turns pink after sun exposure after u have used babchi .In most of cases if hair on white patch are black there starts repigmentation and patient is happy and he continue to use batch seeds for long durations without consulting a doctor.

Kayakalp global skin clinic is specialize clinic for treating vitiligo. More than 20 thousand patients suffering from vitiligo has been treated since last 15 years .


Babchi or psorlia corylifoliaI contain psorlens in their seeds. In modern days psorlen found in babchi seeds can be prepared in laboratory. This compound is called Methoxsalen and is found in melanocyl tablets which are used for treating vitiligo.

At Kayakalp global skin clinic we have done clinical studies on patients who are using babchi seeds (psorlins)and or patient who had used melanocyl tablets (methoxsalen) for longer durations. We have found that many patients develop cataract after prolong use of babchi.

When we consume babchi our skin become more sensitive to ultraviolet light from sun. Our skin absorbs more light and this helps in recovery of white patches but problem is that our eyes also start absorbing more light and this is very dangerous and long term use causes cataract.

So psorlia corylifolia or Babchi seeds should be used under guidance of a expert doctor and should not be used as home remedy.

Doses of extract of psorlia is 300mg to 600 mg /day depending upon the weight of patient. Best ayurvedic treatment for vitiligo is available at Kayakp Global skin clinic and you can consult herbal vitiligo specialist at clinic.

External use of batchi seeds is not harmful except in some patients where skin can become very red and itchy and in some cases it can develop blisters. We have observed that treatment should be done under guidance of best vitiligo doctor and results will be fast.

Most of time self medication can give some results but perfect matching repigmentation can be achieved under proper supervisor only. At Kayakalp global we have developed external applications with psorlia, Aloe, Blackpepper and other herbs which act twice as quick as compared to using babchi alone. Other reported side effects of psorlens are Liver toxicity, Skin cancer and other gastric problems so it is advised to be safe than sorry.

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